Having Boldness and Faith to Interpret Others’ Dreams and Speaking the Heavenly Vision

Andrew Murray once said a word like this: the good minister of the Word should always minister more than he has experienced; this means that we should speak more according to the vision than according to the fulfillment of the vision. Witness Lee, Life-Study of Genesis.

God gave Joseph two dreams when he was young, but these were not fulfilled until much later; however, even though his own dreams were not yet fulfilled, Joseph had the faith and the boldness to interpret the dreams of this two companions in prison (Gen. 40:8). If we had been Joseph, we would have probably […]

Living Always in the Presence of the Lord and Having Christ Constituted into us

We need to be those always living in the presence of the Lord and have Christ constituted into us day-by-day.

Our God is the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, the Triune God. But what about Joseph – where does he fit in this? If we have the glasses of God’s economy on while reading the last chapters of Genesis we will realize that Joseph and Jacob are a […]

As Kingdom People, We are Living as a Sheaf of Life and Shining as Stars of Light

We are being trained to be kings, those reigning in life by living the kingdom life in the church life.

In Genesis 37-39 we see that, while Joseph’s brothers were drowning in the water of human anger and lust, Joseph lived as a sheaf of life and shined as a star of light. The Bible doesn’t say anywhere that Joseph remembered the dreams and he “did his best to live according to what he dreamed”, but […]

Being Governed by the Way God Sees His People and No Longer Judging or Condemning

Being governed by the way God sees His people (sheaves of life and stars shining) and no longer judging or condemning others but praying to minister life to them.

It makes a tremendous difference to the way we live our Christian life and church life if we see the way God sees His people, that is, as sheaves full of life and as heavenly bodies full of light. When he was young, Joseph saw these two dreams and they governed his entire life. He […]

Using the Divine Telescope to See God’s View: His People are Full of Life and Light

According to their fallen nature, God’s people are evil and unclean, but in God’s eternal view, His people are heavenly bodies full of light. (Rev. 12:1 and footnote)

The two dreams Joseph had when he was young are very important and practical in our Christian life and church life, since they reveal the nature, position, condition, and function of the people of God. The main point of these dreams is not that his brothers bowed down to him, but that in God’s eyes both Joseph […]

In God’s Eyes Each Believer is a Sheaf Full of Life, since God Sees us in Christ!

2 Cor. 5-16 So then we, from now on, know no one according to the flesh

Jacob had one dream – the dream of Bethel, the house of God – but Joseph had two dreams – the dream of sheaves of wheat full of life and with the heavenly bodies full of light. In order for the dream of Bethel to be accomplished in reality today we need to have the two […]

Joseph’s Life was a Copy of the Life of Christ (and how this Applies to us) Part 2

Hebrews 2:9 But we see Jesus, who was made a little inferior to the angels because of the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honor, so that by the grace of God He might taste death on behalf of everything.

It is so amazing to see how the life of Joseph is a copy of the life of Christ! So many things that Joseph went through together with his attitude toward these things typify Christ’s living on earth, the processes He went through, and His attitude toward these things. There’s no other single person in the […]