The Breaking of the Outer Man for the Release of the Spirit for God’s Expression

We need to experience the breaking of the outer man for the release of the Spirit so that Christ may be expressed corporately

The proper church life is Christ coming out of the saints for His corporate expression. When all the saints experience and enjoy Christ, He has a way to be lived out and come out of them for His corporate expression. This should be normal in the church life. But because the church is degraded and […]

If Christ Remains Imprisoned Within us, We Cannot have the Proper Church Life

Is Christ at Home in us or is He Imprisoned in our Spirit?

In order for us to have the proper church life as the corporate expression of Christ we need to have certain crucial experiences, the first of which is having our soul subdued and saturated with Christ. If we still live in and according to our soul, deciding things by ourselves as we always do, having […]

Being Open Vessels to the Lord’s Shining within from our Spirit, the Lamp of Jehovah

Being Open Vessels to the Lord's Shining Within from our Spirit (the Lamp of Jehovah)

Our experience and enjoyment of Christ is for the church, and as we know Christ, pursue Him, enjoy Him, and experience Him we become His corporate expression in the church life. Too many times, however, we don’t enjoy the Lord, we don’t open to Him, and we don’t experience Him, and therefore the church life […]

Having the Divine Reality Wrought into us to Become our Reality, Life, and Living

But when He, the Spirit of reality, comes, He will guide you into all the reality; for He will not speak from Himself, but what He hears He will speak; and He will declare to you the things that are coming. John 16:13

The church life is nothing else but Christ Himself being enjoyed, realized, experienced, and expressed through the believers in Christ for God’s corporate expression. In order for the church life to be such a place, we need to have our soul subdued and saturated with Christ as the life-giving Spirit. If we all live in our […]

Growing in Life by Having our Soul Subdued and Saturated with Christ as the Spirit

In addition to God giving us eternal life in Christ, the return of our will to God is the greatest work of salvation. (Watchman Nee)

The church life is Christ Himself enjoyed by us, experienced by us, realized by us, and expressed through us corporately. For us to have the proper church life to express Christ according to God’s eternal purpose, however, our soul must be subdued and saturated with Christ as the Spirit. Most of the time we live […]

The Church Life is Christ Experienced and Expressed by All the Saints Corporately

our soul must be subdued and saturated with Christ as the Spirit 2

After seeing a clear vision of the church and God’s threefold purpose for the church, we now come to the practice of the church and the crucial experiences we need in order to practice the church life today. The church is to have the full sonship to express God; the church is the corporate new […]

Growing up into Christ and Functioning in our Measure for the Building up of the Body

As we grow up into the Head in life, our function will come out from the Head for the building up of the Body 1

God’s purpose to head up all things in Christ through the church is being accomplished today through the growth in life into Christ, the Head, of all the members of the Body of Christ. As all believers in Christ enjoy Him, eat Him, and drink Him to grow up into Him as the Head, their […]