God’s Goal is His Building; God’s Building is God’s Thought and Purpose in Exodus

God’s building is the mingling of God with man, the corporate expression of the Triune God, and the enlargement of God.

The goal of God’s salvation, provision, and revelation as seen in the book of Exodus is God’s building, His dwelling place on earth. The purpose for which God redeemed and saved His people from Pharaoh’s usurpation was so that they would enjoy God’s full salvation and build up His dwelling place. The goal of God taking […]

Seeing how God’s Building is the Goal of His Salvation, Provision, and Revelation

The goal of God's complete salvation including His redemption, our going out from the world, and our baptism is God's building.

The subject of the book of Exodus is that Christ is the redemption, salvation, and supply of God’s people, and the means for them to worship and serve God so that in Him they may be built up with God together for them and God to meet, communicate, and dwell mutually (see the Holy Bible, […]

A Revelation of the Divine Trinity in the Types and Pictures in the Book of Exodus

Exo. 40:34 Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting, and the glory of Jehovah filled the tabernacle.

In the Old Testament there are a lot of pictures, types, and figures which are fulfilled and realized in the New Testament. The entire Bible speaks of and is wrapped up with the Divine Trinity, and we can see both the Triune God and the working of the Triune God in all the books of […]

14 Crucial Aspects of the Revelation of God in the Book of Exodus – We Love God!

Our God is the self-existing and ever-existing God, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob 1

This week we start a new series in our Holy Word for Morning Revival, the first part of the Crystallization-study of Exodus, which will span for 12 weeks and will reach to the first several verses of Exodus 19, where we see that we are a kingdom of priests. This particular week we will focus […]

The Lord needs us to be the Overcomers who Build up the Body and Prepare His Bride

The overcomers see the Body, know the Body, and care for the Body

God’s purpose is to work Himself into man and mingle Himself with man to produce and build up the church as the Body of Christ, the organism of the Triune God who expresses Him and represents Him on earth. For this, He regenerated millions of people with His divine life, and He keeps working in […]

Allowing God to Mingle Himself with us to be the Church, the Mingling of God and Man

The Body of Christ is an organism composed of people who have the Triune God as the Spirit

As the Body of Christ, the church is the enlargement of Christ, the enlargement of the One who is the mingling of God and man. God’s purpose is to mingle Himself with His chosen people so that He would become their life, nature, and content, and so that they would become His corporate expression. The Lord […]

God is Mingling Himself with us to Become our Life for His Corporate Expression

The will of God is the mingling of God with man, and the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose depends on the mingling of divinity and humanity. (Witness Lee, Experience of Life)

“God’s purpose is to mingle Himself with us so that He becomes our life, our nature, and our content, and so that we become His corporate expression.” – this is quite a statement. God’s heart desire is to obtain the church as the Body of Christ; He desires to gain a group of people who […]