The Enjoyment of Christ Causes us to Hold Him as the Head and be Body-Conscious

Let us Just Enjoy Christ!

The all-inclusive Christ is the reality of all the positive things in the universe, and this One is the Head of the Body. When we enjoy Christ as the reality of all the positive things we become conscious of the Body of Christ and we desire to meet with the saints and share our enjoyment [...]

The All-Inclusive Christ is the Reality of All the Positive Things in the Universe

Col 3-16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom

The created things reveal and declare the attributes and glory of the invisible God (Rom. 1:20), and God in Christ is universally vast and untraceably rich. The whole universe with the billions of things and persons in it was created for the purpose of describing Christ (Col. 1:15-17). Christ is all-inclusive, and He is the [...]

Enjoying Christ as the Reality of All our Necessities by Exercising our Spirit

John 20:22 And when He had said this, He breathed into them and said to them, Receive the Holy Spirit.

All the genuine believers in Christ are Christ-men, Christ-ians, those who have received Christ into them as their life inwardly and who enjoy Christ in their everyday life. The Bible tells us again and again that Christ is everything to us, and specifically that Christ is the reality of all our necessities. We need food [...]

Being Attracted by the Wonderful Christ, We’re Daily Enjoying Him in a Subjective Way

Let no one defraud you by judging you unworthy of your prize... (Col. 2:18) Our prize is the enjoyment of Christ!

From the very first verse to the last verse of the New Testament the first and last name mentioned is Jesus. Jesus Christ is the center and the focus of the whole New Testament, and He is the center and focus of the entire Bible. This One is all-inclusive and all-extensive, and if you read [...]

Let us Enjoy the All-Inclusive Christ as the Reality of All the Positive Things!

Col. 2:16-17 Let no one therefore judge you in eating and in drinking or in respect of a feast or of a new moon or of the Sabbath, which are a shadow of the things to come, but the body is of Christ.

The focus and center of the heavenly vision is Christ Himself, the reality of all the positive things in the universe. The heavenly vision centers on Christ and takes Him as the focus, and this One is everything to us. The all-inclusive Christ lives in us to be our all, and He in us is [...]

We Need to Become Persons with a Vision. How do we Receive a Vision from God?

Every Believer needs to be a Person with a Vision

The Apostle Paul had a vision and lived his life under the heavenly vision. We need to also become persons with a vision, those who see God’s economy concerning Christ and the church, and do everything being governed by this vision. As believers in Christ we are children of God, citizens of the kingdom of [...]

The Impact of Seeing the Heavenly Vision and Having it Wrought into our Being

The Impact of the Heavenly Vision 1

Every believer in Christ needs to see the heavenly vision, the vision of God’s economy, and this vision needs to govern, inspire, motivate, energize, and control his living. We believers are human beings just like the rest, but we have seen something of the God of glory appearing to us – we have seen God’s [...]