Blessing Others with the Triune God as their Enjoyment with No Natural Manoeuvring

The Lord’s blessing crosses man’s natural manoeuvring

Blessing, a word very much thrown around in Christianity today and yet so naturally understood, is nothing else than the Triune God dispensed into us to be our everything for our enjoyment. When Melchizedek met Abraham after he fought for his brother Lot and won, he blessed him with God the Most High. When God commanded […]

Jehovah Bless you, Keep you, Shine on You, be Gracious to you, and Give you Peace!

"Jehovah bless you and keep you; Jehovah make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; Jehovah lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace." (Num. 6:24-26) is the eternal blessing of the Triune God, which is the Triune God dispensing Himself in His Divine Trinity into us for our enjoyment.

The real blessing is God Himself; blessing is not a thing but a Person – God in Christ as the Spirit to be everything to us for our enjoyment. When Jacob blessed his sons, God blessed them. In Numbers 6:22-27 we see a pattern of blessing – God commanded the priests to bless the people, […]

We are Channels of Life and Priests to God to Overflow God to Others as Blessing

Blessing is the overflow of God through someone’s maturity in life 2

The principle of blessing is that the greater blesses the lesser; the meaning of blessing is that blessing is the overflow of God through someone’s maturity in life. When God obtains a person who is mature in life, a person who is not only transformed but also mature, He has a way to flow through […]

The Strongest Sign of Maturity in Life is Blessing Others with the Christ We Enjoyed

The Strongest Sign of our Maturity in Life is Blessing Others with the Christ We have Enjoyed and Participated in!

At the end of his life, when he was 130 years old, Jacob went to Egypt together with all his family to be with Joseph; by this time he was a mature person, and he simply blessed everyone. The strongest sign of Jacob’s maturity in life was his blessing of others. When he met Pharaoh […]

Blessing is the Overflow of the Divine Life that Inwardly Changes us and Fills us

Genesis 47:7 And Joseph brought in Jacob his father and set him before Pharaoh, and Jacob blessed Pharaoh.

The issue of Jacob’s transformation and maturity was blessing – he blessed everyone! At the end of his life, when he went to Egypt, all Jacob did was to bless: he blessed Pharaoh, he blessed his sons, and he blessed Joseph’s sons. The issue of maturity in life and of the reigning aspect of a […]

Paying the Price to Obtain the Life Supply from the Lord and Give Others Food

We need to be Those Paying the Price to Obtain the Life Supply from the Lord for Ourselves and to Give Others Food!

Because Joseph suffered and denied himself, he gained the riches of the life-supply; in the seven years of rich crops, he gathered the grain in many barns, and in the years of famine, everyone came to him to buy food. Christ as the real Joseph has all the food, and there’s a famine on the […]

Living under the Rulership of the Spirit within and Recognizing God’s Sovereignty

We need to learn to say - It is of God 1

In Joseph we see a person who accepted everything from God’s hand, one who did not blame or accuse others but lived a life under the rulership of the Spirit. He had feelings and emotions, but he kept them in check, and he didn’t express his excitement or his sorrow. The rulership of the Spirit is […]