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  1. Tara
    April 27, 2013

    Zech 4:3 & ther r 2 olive branched beside it…of t bowl…

    12, 14…What r t 2 branches..,which empty t gold from themselves?…These r 2 sons of oil, who stand by t Lord of t whole earth.

    Joshua & Zerubbabel & t 2 witnesses n Rev 11,12 r t 2 sons of oil flowing out & ministering God. Gold & oil represent t Spirit/God. 'We all should b olive trees emptying God out from ourselves n2 others.'

    PTL, when we enjoy God we hv grace! :-)

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  2. Katherine Ko
    April 27, 2013

    The church as the lampstand has only 2 basic elements: the gold and the oil. The gold is the solid form and the oil is the burning element. When these 2 are put together, there is a lampstand shining to express the Triune God…According to Zechariah 4:12 the oil is golden oil, the gold flows as oil. When more oil is added into the lampstand, more gold is added. In principle, all the believers in Christ should be sons of fresh oil, those who are filled with the Spirit as the oil to flow into the lampstand for its shining testimony, the testimony of Jesus. Christ is the unique Olive Tree, as branches we are also the olive trees, emptying God from ourselves into others; in this way oil will be provided to the needy. This is the real shepherding in the church. When we minister Christ to others, supply them with oil, we are actually supply them with God. God is flowing out from us into them.

    Daily we open to Christ as the stone with seven eyes of Jehovah, allowing Him to search us, judge us and then He will infuse Himself into our being. Daily we paid the price to enjoy our Triune God to gain more golden oil and when God is enjoyed by us, we have grace from God to us to be the covering (the completion) of God’s building. “O Lord, supply us the sevenfold intensified Spirit as grace to make us priests and kings (overcomers) to supply others in the Body for the building and summation of God's building. Amen!”

  3. Mega
    April 28, 2013

    We need to be those who gain more of the spirit,We need to be filled with God daily,As we enjoy God in Christ as the spirit daily.

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