Experiencing God as the Great I Am who Exists Forever and Fulfills His Promises

In the Bible, El Shaddai is God’s name for supply and promise, while Jehovah – the great I AM – is God’s name for existence and fulfillment; today we enjoy God not only as El Shaddai but also as Jehovah, the One who fulfills what He has promised. Both the Old and the New Testament […]

Our God is I AM WHO I AM: He is the Self-Existing and Ever-Existing Eternal One

Our God wants us to know who He is, and He wants to be our God and we His people; the most wonderful name of Jehovah God is “I am who I am”, the self-existing and ever-existing eternal One. We all derive our being from Him, we have breath because He simply is, and He […]

We need to Know God not only in His Power but also Personally as Jehovah, Our God

God desires that His people know Him, and in Ezekiel the phrase “know that I am Jehovah” is mentioned at least sixty-four times; Him being God implies His power and His relationship with creatures, and Him being Jehovah denotes His relationship with man. Many things had to happen to the people of Israel so that […]

Being Joined together in the Way of Life through Grafting for the Building of God

The revelation in Ezekiel 37 shows that the unique way to have the Body, the church, and the House of God in the genuine oneness is the way of life, just as the bones came together and were enlivened to become an army, and the two pieces of wood were joined to be one in […]

Our Morning Watch with the Lord is Indispensable; we need to Observe it Diligently

I have been saved for about 15 years now, and I love the Lord Jesus very, very much! And I love Him not only for the eternal, unshakable salvation He granted me freely and for my eternal bright future, but also for His sweet mercy and grace reaching me daily through my morning watch with […]

As we Breathe in the Lord, His Spirit comes in to Enliven us and Form us as His Army

In Ezek. 37 God told the prophet to prophesy His word over the dead bones, and then the wind, the breath, and the Spirit came; we need to exercise to prophesy God’s word, breathe in the Lord, and allow God to breathe out His word and His Spirit for His purpose to be fulfilled. A […]

Prophesying by Speaking forth God’s Word to Fulfill His Desire and Build up the Church

In Ezekiel 37 we see not only our condition when we’re fallen or backslidden (“dry bones”) but also God’s solution: prophesying, that is, the need to prophesy by speaking for the Lord so that the Spirit would come in and enliven us! On the one hand, the many dry, disjointed, very dry, separated bones in […]