We have a New Spirit, and we need to Constantly Exercise our Spirit to Contact God

How we thank and praise the Lord for giving us a new heart to love Him and a new spirit to receive Him, so that we may be inwardly recovered by Him! Now we can exercise our heart to love the Lord and enjoy Him, and we can exercise our spirit to contact God. In […]

Having a Clear Sky by having Thorough Fellowship with the Lord and with the Saints

This week in our morning watch / morning revival time with the Lord we come to the clear sky and the throne above it in Ezekiel 1, which is the highest point in our spiritual experience, referring to our uninterrupted fellowship with the Lord with a clear conscience. Are we satisfied with our spiritual condition? […]

The Breastplate is Central Point of the Priesthood: God’s Leading is in the Church

This week in our crystallization-study of Exodus we come to the matter of the breastplate – the central and ultimate point of the priesthood. In Exodus 28, when the priesthood is introduced, there’s a great emphasis on the garments the priest wore; these garments signify our living as priests to God – our living must […]

The Spiritual Application of the Veil and the Screen in the Tabernacle in Exo. 26

This week in our time in the morning with the Lord we enjoy the topic of the Veil, the Screen, and the Two Aspects of Reconciliation, based on the portion in Exodus 26 speaking of the two entrances into the tabernacle and their spiritual application. All the items and furnishings in the tabernacle in the […]

It is only when we All are Transformed and Overlaid with God as Gold that are we one

As believers in Christ, we are in the process of transformation so that our natural being is transformed into the image of Christ, and God’s divine nature is constantly overlaying us until we become just like Christ; we’re being transformed and overlaid with God as gold until we’re fully one! The picture of the tabernacle […]

Knowing God’s Ways by Knowing the Principles by Which He Does things and Deals with us

Moses’ prayer in Exo. 33:13 should also be our prayer, “Please let me know Your ways”, so that we may be those knowing God’s ways and thus know God Himself. Moses was respectfully asking God to let him know God’s ways so that he may be pleasing to Him; he was not begging nor religious, […]

We need to Know God and His Ways, and we Need to live with the Consciousness of God

In our morning revival these weeks we return to the Crystallization-study of Exodus, and this week in particular we focus on the topic of Knowing God and His Ways; we need to know God and His ways! Moses asked God saying, Let me know Your ways, that I may know You, so that I may […]