The Church is the issue of the Enjoyment of the Riches of Christ as the Good Land

The holy temple and the holy city were built on and were the issue of the holy land, showing that the church is the issue of the enjoyment of the riches of Christ. The last two chapters of Ezekiel speak a lot concerning the holy land – not merely of the holy city or the […]

Ministers of Life are Begetters, Feeders, and Builders for the Building of the Church

If we truly and genuinely drink the flow of living water and are in the flow of the river of water of life, we are ministers of life as sowers, planters, waterers, begetters, feeders, and builders with the ministry of life for God’s building. Our enjoyment of Christ as the flow of life is for […]

Having no Distance between us and Christ to Eat and Digest Him as the Hidden Manna

When we minister to the Lord, having no distance between us and Him, we enjoy Him as the hidden manna, and we let Him have the thoroughfare in our being so that He may be assimilated into us. What we have in the Holy of Holies is the ark of the covenant, in which there’s […]

We need to Experience the Spirit of Jesus to have the Humanity of Jesus for God’s building

The key for us to experience the humanity of Jesus for God’s building, that is, the secret for us to be Jesusly human for God to gain a corporate expression, is for us to experience the Spirit of Jesus. What God is after in this universe is a building, a corporate expression in humanity, and […]

Being Flexible in Pray-reading, and Enjoying and Sharing the HWMR with the Saints

In regards to practicing the morning revival, my wife and I do not have any forms – we are flexible in pray-reading. We can either pray first or read first and vice versa. That is no rigid way of having our revival. Feelings of satisfaction, joy and cleansing come in after each morning revival time. […]

Being Revived and Mingling our Praying with our Reading to Receive Light!

The night before, I usually pray to the Lord to wake me up in the morning. I don’t usually wake up late, but I still want to ask the Lord to wake me up at specific times in the morning. This is how I started to have a personal time with Him in the morning, […]

Coming to the Word of God, Finding God’s Words, and Feeding on them in the Morning

Jeremiah 15:16 says, Your words were found and I ate them, and Your word became to me the gladness and joy of my heart. Apparently, the words of God are right in front of us every morning, but in experience the words need to be found. We need the Lord to shine on us as […]