We have a New Spirit, and we need to Constantly Exercise our Spirit to Contact God

How we thank and praise the Lord for giving us a new heart to love Him and a new spirit to receive Him, so that we may be inwardly recovered by Him! Now we can exercise our heart to love the Lord and enjoy Him, and we can exercise our spirit to contact God. In […]

In order to Recover us and Make us the New Man, God must Judge our Old Man Daily

This week concludes our first part of the crystallization-study of Ezekiel (1), and the main topic is, The Inward Recovery by Life for the Carrying out of God’s Economy; today in particular we want to see that in order for God to recover us and make us the new man, He must judge our old […]

Crucial Points to Consider as we Eat, Digest, and Assimilate Christ in the Word

As believers in Christ, we need to eat the Lord Jesus by receiving Him into us so that He may be digested and assimilated into our regenerated new man in the way of life; for this, we need to eat, digest, and assimilate Christ as our spiritual food day by day. God’s economy is that we […]

God’s Words are Good for us to Eat: we need to Eat the Word of God as our Food

Ezekiel was asked by God to take the scroll and eat it, then speak the word of God (Ezek. 2:8-3:4); as believers in Christ we need to eat the word of God, digest them, assimilate them into our being, and then speak the word of God. This week in our crystallization-study of Ezekiel we come […]

The Experience of the Christian life and of the Church Life Consummates in a Rainbow

The experience of the Christian life and of the church life consummates in a rainbow, and this is seen in type in Ezekiel 1 which starts with open heavens, continues with the experience of the wind, cloud, fire, and electrum, and consummates with the rainbow around the throne on which a Man sits. This matter […]

The Lord Jesus was Brought to the Throne: a Man is on the Throne as the Lord of All!

God is on the throne, and He rules over all things; however, through His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, the Lord Jesus was brought to the throne, and now we are in the process of being brought to the throne! Hallelujah! This is God’s intention from the very beginning: God created man in His image and […]

Seeing that Jesus is the Man on the Throne and that We’re being Brought to the Throne

The mysterious thought concerning the relationship between God and man is that God created man in His image, according to His kind, so that He would work Himself into man and make Himself the same as man and make man the same as God until man fully expresses God and represents Him, and there’s a […]