Ministering to the Lord by Giving Him the First Place and by Focusing only on Him

This week in our morning revival time with the Lord we come to the matters of Ministering to the Lord to enjoy Him as the hidden manna, the budding rod, and the law of life. We need to be those who minister not just to the house of God but minister to the Lord. We […]

What does it mean in our Experience for us to be Measured by God’s Building?

Our main concern as believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ should be not with behaving ourselves or becoming spiritual but with being measured by God’s building and fitting into God’s house. If what we are and do can’t match God’s building, it amounts to nothing in the sight of God. As […]

In His Economy God gives us only One Person – Christ – and only One Way – the Cross

In His economy God gives us one person – Christ – and one way – the cross; Christ and the cross fulfills God’s purpose and are the only way He takes to fulfill His desire. The way God deals with all the problems in the universe is the cross. God doesn’t negotiate or compromise. He […]

We need to Experience and Enjoy Christ with His Humanity for the Building of God

If you read Ezekiel 40-48 and have the Lord’s divine light shining in your reading, you will realize that we have to experience and enjoy Christ for the Body in a detailed and specific way, as shown in all the features and details of the holy building of God. From the wall to all the […]

We need to Experience Christ, take Him as our Burnt Offering, and know the Cross

The details and features of the holy building of God as revealed to Ezekiel and recorded in Ezek. 40-48 can be applied to our Christian life today; we can and should experience Christ in many ways for the building up of the church, the temple of God. Today we want to see the spiritual significance […]

The Spiritual Significance of the Guardrooms, Porch, and Chambers in God’s building

This week we are going into a more in-depth study – a prayerful study – of the vision of the building of God in its outstanding features as seen in Ezek. 40-48, and today we want to see more concerning the guardrooms, the porch, the entrance, the palm trees, and the chambers. I have to […]

Receiving the Spirit as the Promised Blessing and Enjoying the Cup of Blessing

How we thank and praise the Lord that today we as believers have received the Spirit as the blessing that God promised Abraham for all the nations, and we can drink the cup of blessing! In Abraham’s seed all the nations will be blessed; this means that in Christ as the Spirit, all nations are […]