God’s Glory is being Worked into the Saints until God is Glorified in the Church!

Both in the gospel of John and in Ephesians we see that God is glorified in the church, and for eternity the New Jerusalem has the glory of God, His expression. In the gospel of John we see the Lord Jesus coming as God incarnated, and those around Him saw the glory of God in […]

Seeing and Experiencing the Glory of God in the Building of God (the Gospel of John)

In the gospel of John we see the glory of God in the building of God – first, the glory of God was manifested in Christ, the tabernacle of God with man, and then we were included in the divine-human incorporation in Christ’s resurrection! The governing vision in this book is life and building; life […]

Knowing and Experiencing God as the God of Glory and the God of the House of God

This week we come to the last crystal in the book of Ezekiel, The Return of the Glory of God to the House of God, and today we want to see how our God is the God of glory and also the God of the house of God. The main burden of this crystallisation-study of […]

Praise the Lord, we are Becoming the Reality of “God is There”, the New Jerusalem!

The very last verse of Ezekiel says that the name of the city from that day shall be, Jehovah is there; when God gains the holy temple and the holy city in the holy land, the name of that city is, God is there – God’s presence is with man, and man is in God’s […]

Having a Foretaste of the City with Twelve Gates – New Jerusalem – in the Church Life

Both Ezekiel and Revelation end with a city with twelve gates, which is Jerusalem (in Ezekiel) and the New Jerusalem (in Revelation). The result and consummation of what God has been doing with and in His people is a city with twelve gates – the city of Jerusalem, a type of the kingdom of God. […]

Being Absolute for the Lord and for the Church Life to have a Rich Flow of Life

The river of water flowing from the house of God heals and brings life wherever it goes, but it cannot heal the swamps and marshes; we need to be absolute for the Lord and for His recovery to enjoy the healing and life imparting of the river of life. God hates compromise, and all those […]

Being Willing to be Measured by the Lord for the Deepening and Increase of the Flow of Life

In order that the flow of life would increase in us and even become a river to swim in, we need to be willing to be measured by the Lord as the Man of bronze. In Ezek. 47 we see the river flowing from the house of God, and as the man measured one thousand […]