Christ is the Good Shepherd, the great Shepherd, and the Shepherd of our Souls

The Lord Jesus is our Shepherd; according to the New Testament, Christ is the good Shepherd, the great Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd, and the Shepherd of our souls. In Ezekiel 34 in particular we see that the Lord Himself comes to shepherd His sheep, and He will take good care of them. We all can […]

The Lord comes as the Shepherd to Search for His Sheep and Bring them to Himself

In Ezekiel 34 the Lord Himself comes as the Shepherd to search for His sheep and seek them out, bringing them back to Himself as the pasture, restoring them, recovering them, and healing them; to shepherd is to take all-inclusive tender care of the flock. This week in our Crystallization-study of the book of Ezekiel […]

Eating the Lord and having a Proper Spiritual Digestion by saying Amen to His Word

As believers in Christ, we need to eat the Lord Jesus in His word by prayerfully considering and reconsidering it day by day, and we need to have a proper spiritual digestion, allowing the Lord to have the thoroughfare in every part of our inner being. The word of God is not only full of […]

God becomes our Life by Entering into us Organically to be Assimilated into our Being

In His economy God desires to dispense Himself into our being so that He would become the very fiber and cell of our inner being; for this to happen, we need to eat, digest, and assimilate Christ to be constituted with Him in order to express Him and represent Him. Eating is a very important […]

The Rainbow is a Sign of God’s Faithfulness in Keeping His Covenant with Man

This week we are on the last great crystal in chapter 1 of Ezekiel, which is the rainbow – the consummation of the experience of the Christian life and the church life, and today we want to see that the rainbow is a sign of God’s faithfulness in keeping the covenant! Ezekiel 1, the deepest […]

God’s Intention is to Work on Man to Bring man to the Throne and Deal with Satan

The Lord Jesus is the man-God on the throne, and God’s intention is to work on man to bring man to the throne – God wants man to deal with Satan and subdue him, bring in God’s kingdom, and represent God with His authority. In order for us to be brought to the throne we need […]

Learning how to Speak for the Lord and how to Stop to Listen to God’s Voice daily

As believers in Christ, we are the living creatures learning to coordinate and afford God a way to move on earth; in our coordination and living, we are learning both to speak one with God and to listen to God’s voice, stopping in our fellowship to hear the Lord’s speaking. The four living creatures in […]