Enjoying Christ as the Good Land in the Sphere of His Death and in His Resurrection

The borders of the good land as seen in Ezek. 47 are the Mediterranean Sea on the west, the Dead Sea and the Jordan river on the east, and Mount Hermon on the north. The good land is surrounded by waters of death, signifying that, as we enjoy Christ as the good land and allow […]

Ministers of Life are Sowers, Planters, and Waterers for Christ to Grow in Others

The result and issue of our enjoyment of Christ as the flow of life – the life-giving Spirit – is that we become sowers, planters, waterers, begetters, feeders, and builders with the ministry of life for the building up of the church. If we cooperate with the Lord and allow Him to measure us according […]

Everything shall live, Death is Healed, and Life Grows where the River of life Flows

Praise the Lord, everything shall live where the river of life flows from the house of God! This river produces trees with fruits, a lot of fish, and cattle, and this river waters and heals for the producing of life. As long as we have this river, our death is healed and everything shall live. […]

When God’s Light Shines on us, we will be Measured by the House of God for the Body

After revealing the pattern, design, and features of the house of God to Ezekiel in a vision, God instructed him to describe God’s house to God’s people so that they would be measured by the house of God and be ashamed of their iniquities (see Ezek. 43:10-12). This is something very deep, profound, and mysterious, […]

We Experience the Cross as the Center of God’s Building to be Built into the Church

Although we as believers in Christ meet the cross everywhere in our Christian life, we experience the cross in a particular way when we come to the altar at the centre of God’s building, and here the cross becomes our center. The center of the building of the temple of God revealed in a vision […]

The Cross Leads us to the Body and the Cross Operates in the Sphere of the Body

The cross and the experience of the cross is not an end in itself; the cross leads us to the Body of Christ, the cross operates in the sphere of the Body, and in the Body of Christ we cannot go on without the cross. The cross of Christ and the experience of the cross […]

We need to Experience the Spirit of Jesus to have the Humanity of Jesus for God’s building

The key for us to experience the humanity of Jesus for God’s building, that is, the secret for us to be Jesusly human for God to gain a corporate expression, is for us to experience the Spirit of Jesus. What God is after in this universe is a building, a corporate expression in humanity, and […]