As the I AM, Christ is Everything to us for our Experience and Enjoyment Every Day

The name of the Lord Jesus, who is Jehovah, is the I am; as the I am, Christ is everything to us for our experience and enjoyment, for His being I AM means “I am whatever you need”. When God appeared to Moses and sent him to deliver His people from Egypt, He said, I […]

As we Breathe in the Lord, His Spirit comes in to Enliven us and Form us as His Army

In Ezek. 37 God told the prophet to prophesy His word over the dead bones, and then the wind, the breath, and the Spirit came; we need to exercise to prophesy God’s word, breathe in the Lord, and allow God to breathe out His word and His Spirit for His purpose to be fulfilled. A […]

Dropping any Routine and Learning to be Revived by Touching the Lord in the Morning

I would like to talk share about my experience of being revived by the Lord day by day. For many years, I would only felt really “revived” after going to a big conference or hearing a living message. But this “feeling” of buoyancy only lasted for a few days, and then I would be back […]

Regardless of my Feelings, Each Morning I say, Lord Jesus, I Love You!

My first words each morning are, Lord Jesus, I love You! regardless of my feelings. Then, I pray read the verses and read the portion in the morning revival. Then, I pray in a general way – and also in some specific ways. One day of the week’s Morning Revival always stands out strongly, so […]

We have a New Spirit, and we need to Constantly Exercise our Spirit to Contact God

How we thank and praise the Lord for giving us a new heart to love Him and a new spirit to receive Him, so that we may be inwardly recovered by Him! Now we can exercise our heart to love the Lord and enjoy Him, and we can exercise our spirit to contact God. In […]

The Lord Jesus was Brought to the Throne: a Man is on the Throne as the Lord of All!

God is on the throne, and He rules over all things; however, through His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, the Lord Jesus was brought to the throne, and now we are in the process of being brought to the throne! Hallelujah! This is God’s intention from the very beginning: God created man in His image and […]

Ezekiel 1 shows us God’s Eternal Intention to have the Manifestation of God in Man

The conclusion of Ezekiel 1 is that on the throne there’s One who has the appearance of a man, and the four living creatures also have the appearance of a man, which shows us that, in His mysterious relationship with man, God mingles Himself with man to become the same as man and make man […]