We need to Draw Near to God to be the Priests and Kings Ministering to Him Today

The more we draw near to God to be closer to Him as priests and kings to God, the more important we are to Him, and the more He can fulfil His purpose through us. The picture portrayed by the allotment of the land in Ezek. 48:1-35 shows that, in the restoration from Dan in […]

The Church is the issue of the Enjoyment of the Riches of Christ as the Good Land

The holy temple and the holy city were built on and were the issue of the holy land, showing that the church is the issue of the enjoyment of the riches of Christ. The last two chapters of Ezekiel speak a lot concerning the holy land – not merely of the holy city or the […]

Ministers of Life are Sowers, Planters, and Waterers for Christ to Grow in Others

The result and issue of our enjoyment of Christ as the flow of life – the life-giving Spirit – is that we become sowers, planters, waterers, begetters, feeders, and builders with the ministry of life for the building up of the church. If we cooperate with the Lord and allow Him to measure us according […]

Being Absolute for the Lord and for the Church Life to have a Rich Flow of Life

The river of water flowing from the house of God heals and brings life wherever it goes, but it cannot heal the swamps and marshes; we need to be absolute for the Lord and for His recovery to enjoy the healing and life imparting of the river of life. God hates compromise, and all those […]

Everything shall live, Death is Healed, and Life Grows where the River of life Flows

Praise the Lord, everything shall live where the river of life flows from the house of God! This river produces trees with fruits, a lot of fish, and cattle, and this river waters and heals for the producing of life. As long as we have this river, our death is healed and everything shall live. […]

Being Willing to be Measured by the Lord for the Deepening and Increase of the Flow of Life

In order that the flow of life would increase in us and even become a river to swim in, we need to be willing to be measured by the Lord as the Man of bronze. In Ezek. 47 we see the river flowing from the house of God, and as the man measured one thousand […]

We need to Experience the Flow of Life out from the House of God for God’s Ultimate Move

In Ezekiel 47 we see something quite interesting and particular – the river of life flowing out of the house of God, and this week we will enjoy a deeper study on the flow of life with the ministry of life out from and for the magnificent house of God. Throughout the Bible there’s the […]