Experiencing the Wind, Cloud, Fire, and Electrum to become the Four Living Creatures

The result of our experiencing God as the storm wind, the brooding cloud, and the consuming fire is that we are becoming His expression – the electrum; furthermore, we are becoming the four living creatures – we become full of life, living, active, coordinated, and much more! This week we will spend some time to […]

Praying to be in a Trance for us to See God’s Visions and Hear God’s Express Words

In order for us to be the Ezekiel’s of today who have an open heaven and see visions of God, we need the kind of prayer that brings us into a trance and that brings a heavenly vision to us, and we need to hear the Lord’s express words accompanied by His hand. Ezekiel saw […]

Aligning our Being with God to See Visions of God in Spirit under an Opened Heaven

As believers in Christ we need to be those who have an opened heaven, be in our spirit, and see visions of God, that is, see divine, spiritual, heavenly visions, so that we may be one with God on earth for Him to accomplish what He desires to accomplish. Ezekiel was such a person; he […]

Laboring in Prayer with God to Bring in His Kingdom and Carry out His Will on Earth

The work of the church is to bring in the kingdom of God on earth, and the way the church accomplishes her work is through prayer; the church should pray to bring in His kingdom on earth, and thus be an outlet of the heaven, allowing heaven’s authority to be expressed on earth. The church, […]

Being those Watchful, Ready, and Prepared for the Lord’s Secret Coming as a Thief

To the dead and dying church in Sardis the Lord tells to watch, for He comes as a thief, and they will by no means know at what hour He comes upon them (Rev. 3:3); we need to be watchful and ready, for the Lord will return at an hour we do not expect to […]

Being Willing to be Emptied and Freshly Filled with the Spirit to Build up the Church

In order for us to do the building work of God’s house, we need to be wise in heart, receive wisdom, understanding, and grace from God, and we need to be stirred up in our heart to do the noble work of building up the church; above all, we need to be emptied and unloaded […]

Being Completed by being Matched with other Saints for God’s Building and His Move

It is very enlightening to look at the pattern of the tabernacle in Exodus and apply it to our Christian experience today; two of the principles we see with the boards of the tabernacle is that we as members of the Body need to be completed for the building up of the church (just as […]