We need to Know and Experience Christ as the Center of the Divine Administration

In order for us to bear the ultimate responsibility in God’s move to match God in His ultimate recover, we need to know and experience Christ as the center of the divine administration according to God’s eternal economy. In His mercy, the Lord has revealed to us that He has an ultimate move, which is […]

The Spreading of the Lord’s Recovery is Part of our Ultimate Responsibility Today

God has an ultimate move, which is His ultimate recovery, and we have an ultimate responsibility, which is to spread the testimony of Jesus by establishing local churches as golden lampstands; the spreading of the Lord’s recovery is part of our ultimate responsibility. First of all, our ultimate responsibility is to be saturated and permeated […]

Our Ultimate Responsibility is to Bear the Testimony of Jesus for His Expression

In the church life today we need to bear the ultimate responsibility related to God’s ultimate move on earth to first be saturated and permeated with Christ for the church as the Body of Christ, and second to bear the testimony of Jesus. God’s move today is toward Europe, and He wants to gain many […]

God’s Move follows our Move, we Follow the Spirit, and the Spirit is in God’s move

In cooperating with God to carry out His move we need to realize that we believers in Christ are living creatures, and the move of God’s work depends upon our moving; God’s move follows our move, we follow the Spirit, and the Spirit is in the wheels – God’s move. This is signified by the […]

God’s Move in His Economy is to Deify Man to Bring in the New Man for God’s Expression

What a wonderful thing it is to see that God’s move in His economy is to deify man and bring forth the one new man for God’s expression and administration on the earth! Hallelujah! The following five weeks we are enjoying the Lord’s speaking on the matter of the world situation and the Lord’s move, […]

Crucial Points to Consider as we Eat, Digest, and Assimilate Christ in the Word

As believers in Christ, we need to eat the Lord Jesus by receiving Him into us so that He may be digested and assimilated into our regenerated new man in the way of life; for this, we need to eat, digest, and assimilate Christ as our spiritual food day by day. God’s economy is that we […]

The Authority in the Church is the Throne above the Clear Sky, God’s Ruling Presence

According to the Lord’s word in Matt 20 and 28 and based on Ezekiel 1, the only authority in the church is the throne above the clear sky, and when we are in subjection to God’s authority, we represent God, we have God’s ruling presence, and the throne in the heavens is transmitted to the earth […]