Shepherding others According to God – According to His Nature, Desire, Way, and Glory

As believers in Christ, we are under His tender care and shepherding, and we are commissioned by Him to shepherd His sheep and feed His lambs (see John 21); therefore, in order for us to shepherd according to God, we need to learn how to shepherd by being one with the Lord in His heavenly […]

Shepherding is the Key, so we need to Learn to Shepherd others According to God

The Gospel of John, a gospel focusing on God in Christ coming to be our life and meet our every need for God’s purpose, shows us how Christ came to shepherd us by cherishing and nourishing us; shepherding is the key to the Gospel of John. The Lord Jesus came not as a mighty king […]

Denying the Self and Walking by the Spirit to Coordinate with Others in the Body

This week we have been prayerfully considering the coordination among the four living creatures in Ezek. 1; in a practical way, for us to coordinate with others we need to deny our self, live and act by God’s grace, walk by the Spirit and according to the spirit, and be one with the coordinating Triune […]

When God moves Freely among us we look like the Sanctifying God and we Have Impact

The four living creatures in Ezek. 1 are in a wonderful coordination and one accord, and there’s fire moving among them; they have the appearance of the sanctifying God, and they manifest a glorious and majestic condition. Each of the four living creatures had four wings: with two they covered themselves, and two were joined […]

The Result of Coordination is that we’re Burned, Burning, Shining, and Enlightened

The result of the coordination and move of the living creatures in Ezek. 1 is that they become burning coals and burning torches, and they move like lightning; the result of coordination is that we burn one another, we become burning, and we are enlightened and sanctified by the divine light. The first chapter of […]

Learn to Fellowship and Coordinate, and Follow the Spirit and the Saints in the Body

Ezekiel 1 presents a wonderful picture of the coordination we should have in the church life; as the living creatures, we need to follow the Spirit and fellowship and coordinate with the saints in the church service. The church is the Body of Christ and the kingdom of God; as believers in Christ and members […]

Functioning in Coordination and doing Everything through the Cross and by the Spirit

In his epistles Paul speaks of the different functions that the members of the Body of Christ have, and in Ezekiel 1:9-12 we see a beautiful picture of the functioning in coordination which we need in the church life. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, and when it comes to the matter of […]