Laying down our Life for the Brothers and Enjoying the One who has the Key of David

The church in Philadelphia is the church of brotherly love; in this church we love the brothers to the extent that we are laying down our life for them, even as the Lord laid down His life on our behalf (1 John 3:16). The Lord’s supreme and unique commandment was that we love one another even as […]

Church in Philadelphia depicts the Proper Church Life, the Church of Brotherly Love

This week we come to the Lord’s epistle to the church in Philadelphia, the church of brotherly love, the church in recovery – the recovered church. Just as the church in Sardis was the Lord’s reaction to the terrible situation in the church in Thyatira, so the church in Philadelphia was the Lord’s reaction to […]

Taking the Lord as our Real Sabbath Rest and Laboring with Him as our Strength

It is very significant that, after God gave Moses the specific instructions concerning the tabernacle and about the workers of the tabernacle, He reminded His people concerning keeping the Sabbath; keeping the Sabbath was a perpetual contract or covenant between God and His people, a sign showing everyone that they belong to Him (Exo. 31:13). […]

Being Fully for God’s House and Coordinated with the Saints to Build up the Church

The desire of God’s heart is to have a dwelling place on earth with man, and we as believers in Christ are God’s people who are doing the work of building up God’s house – we are co-workers and co-builders with Christ, building the church as the dwelling place of God! The work of the […]

Having the Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge of the Spirit to Build up the Church

As believers in Christ we are both the materials for God’s building and those who cooperate with the Lord to be co-builders with Him doing the noble work of building up the church with God Himself as our wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skill. We see this in picture in Exodus, where God gave Moses the […]

Being in the Shadow of God’s Grace and under His Light, with a Noble and Pure Heart

God gave Moses the pattern of the tabernacle with all its details, and He chose someone called Bezalel to be a “master builder” and lead the building up and setting up of the tabernacle. Paul also referred to himself as a “wise master builder” in 1 Cor. 3:10. This week in our Crystallization-Study of Exodus […]

Requirements we must Fulfill for us as the Church to be the Breastplate of Judgment

The central item of the garments of the priest was the breastplate, which was like a heavenly, divine, and spiritual typewriter, since it was through it that God spoke to His people; today we need to experience the spiritual reality of the breastplate in the church life and we even need to be the breastplate. […]