We need to be Priestly Teachers Saturated with God and Skillful in the Word of God

In the recovery and rebuilding of the temple and the city God raised up Ezra, a priestly scribe, to strengthen and enrich His recovery. Today the Lord needs many like Ezra who are priestly teachers contacting God knowing God’s word, being saturated with God, and being skillful in God’s word to teach and minister God […]

Ministers of Life are Begetters, Feeders, and Builders for the Building of the Church

If we truly and genuinely drink the flow of living water and are in the flow of the river of water of life, we are ministers of life as sowers, planters, waterers, begetters, feeders, and builders with the ministry of life for God’s building. Our enjoyment of Christ as the flow of life is for […]

The Work of the Holy Spirit can be Revealed at the Time of Ministering to the Lord

The unique principle for the work in the New Testament is that the work of the Holy Spirit can be revealed only at the time of ministering to the Lord. We see this in Acts 13:1-2, where there were some brothers in the church in Antioch who were ministering to the Lord and fasting, and […]

Ministering to the Lord by Giving Him the First Place and by Focusing only on Him

This week in our morning revival time with the Lord we come to the matters of Ministering to the Lord to enjoy Him as the hidden manna, the budding rod, and the law of life. We need to be those who minister not just to the house of God but minister to the Lord. We […]

Tests of our Service to God, Bearing Responsibility, and being Faithful in Service

As those who are learning to serve God by letting God initiate and we cooperate, we need to see what are the signs of service from man and service from God, what are some tests of our service for God, and how we need to bear responsibility and be absolutely faithful in service to God. […]

God’s Work needs Man’s Cooperation, not his Initiation, Opinions, and Suggestions

According to what the Bible tells us concerning our service to God, God’s work needs man’s cooperation, but it doesn’t require man’s initiation; God wants us to serve Him and love Him, but He doesn’t need us to initiate things in God’s work. Both in the Old and in the New Testament we see many […]

Loving God, Stopping ourselves, and Waiting on Him to Cooperate with God in Serving Him

After reading the story of David desiring to build God a house in 2 Sam. 7 we realize that God doesn’t want our initiation but only our cooperation; He wants us to cooperate with Him. God doesn’t need us to do anything for Him – He simply wants us to stop our opinions and ideas […]