Christ is the Good Shepherd, the great Shepherd, and the Shepherd of our Souls

The Lord Jesus is our Shepherd; according to the New Testament, Christ is the good Shepherd, the great Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd, and the Shepherd of our souls. In Ezekiel 34 in particular we see that the Lord Himself comes to shepherd His sheep, and He will take good care of them. We all can […]

Experiencing the Lord’s Shepherding for the Recovery of the Church Life (Ezek. 34)

How blessed we are to be under the Lord’s shepherding for the recovery of the church life, as seen in Ezekiel 34! The Lord is indeed our good Shepherd, and He Himself comes to search for us, His sheep, to seek us out; He brings us from among the unbelievers to Himself so that we […]

Being those who Enjoy the All-inclusive Tender Care of our Good Shepherd Lord Jesus

How wonderful it is to see in Ezekiel 34 how our good Shepherd, Christ, is taking an all-inclusive tender care of us as His sheep! First He speaks to the shepherds, who did not take care of the sheep but rather fed themselves and caused the sheep to go astray and be scattered, and then […]

The Lord comes as the Shepherd to Search for His Sheep and Bring them to Himself

In Ezekiel 34 the Lord Himself comes as the Shepherd to search for His sheep and seek them out, bringing them back to Himself as the pasture, restoring them, recovering them, and healing them; to shepherd is to take all-inclusive tender care of the flock. This week in our Crystallization-study of the book of Ezekiel […]

In Christ we are Becoming the Righteousness, Holiness, and Glory of God – the Rainbow

As believers in Christ, we are in Christ and we bear Christ as righteousness, holiness, and glory – in God’s eyes we look like righteousness, holiness, and glory, and we have the appearance of a rainbow (1 Cor. 1:30)! On the one hand, the rainbow around the throne of God is a sign of God’s […]

Christ Satisfied God’s Requirements: now He’s our Righteousness, Holiness, and Glory

As we prayerfully consider the spiritual significance and application of the rainbow, we need to realize that the three basic colors composing it refer to God’s righteousness, holiness, and glory, which once excluded the sinful man from God’s presence but are now becoming our reality in Christ. As seen in Ezekiel chapter 1 – the […]

Praising Christ the King in His Kingdom and in the Sweetness of His Virtues (Psa. 45)

Psalm 45 is full of the praise of Christ, and in the first eight verses we see praising Christ the King in His fairness, His victory, His kingdom, and His virtues; our Christ, the King, is more than worthy to be praised and spoken well of! He is fairer than the sons of men – […]