Being those who Live in the Reality of the Body of Christ in the Church Life today

God today is doing one thing: He’s building up the church as the Body of Christ so that the bride of Christ may be prepared for Christ to return and end this age; if we see this, we will be those who strive to live in the reality of the Body of Christ today. It […]

Christ is the Unique Head of the Body, the Church, and of every Believer Individually

We as believers in Christ are the members of the Body of Christ, and Christ is the unique Head of the Body, the church; He is the Head of the church and the Head of each individual believers, directing every one of us. Therefore, we as believers in Christ need to take Christ as our […]

Living in the Resurection Life of Christ for the Building up of the Body of Christ

The church as the Body of Christ is an organism absolutely in the resurrection life of Christ, and in the church life we experience the principle of resurrection until everything we say, do, and are in the church if is an expression of Christ in resurrection. This week is our last on the topic of, […]

When we’re Body-Conscious we Depend on the Body just as we Depend on Christ the Head

When we have a revelation of the Body of Christ and realize we are members of the Body, we will be Body-conscious; any individualistic thought and action will be ruled out, and we will depend on the Body in everything. Our human life is an individualistic life, and as we grow up in today’s society, […]

Being Body-Conscious by Caring for the Body and having Christ’s Feeling for the Body

The church is the Body of Christ, and we all are members of the Body; for the Lord’s move in His recovery both locally and universally, we all must be Body-conscious in one accord, always caring for the Body and doing what’s best for the Body. When we see the Lord Jesus for the first […]

Taking Care of the Rest in our Spirit to be under God’s Limitation in our Function

Our God is a God of measure, and when it comes to the work for the spreading and building up of the church, we should move and act according to how much God has measured to us, staying within the limits of God’s ruling, God’s limitation and measure. A basic requirement for the Body of […]

God placed all the Members of the Body as He Willed, each to Function in their Measure

As members of the Body of Christ standing on the genuine ground of oneness, we must be limited by the other members, not going beyond our measure, for God has placed all the members of the Body even as He willed, and we each have our own function and measure. On the one hand, we […]