God’s Intention is to Work on Man to Bring man to the Throne and Deal with Satan

The Lord Jesus is the man-God on the throne, and God’s intention is to work on man to bring man to the throne – God wants man to deal with Satan and subdue him, bring in God’s kingdom, and represent God with His authority. In order for us to be brought to the throne we need […]

The Lord Jesus was Brought to the Throne: a Man is on the Throne as the Lord of All!

God is on the throne, and He rules over all things; however, through His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, the Lord Jesus was brought to the throne, and now we are in the process of being brought to the throne! Hallelujah! This is God’s intention from the very beginning: God created man in His image and […]

The One sitting on the Throne has the Appearance of a Man: a God-man is on the Throne

It is marvelous to realize that the One on the throne has the appearance of a man (Ezek. 1:26) – a God-man is on the throne! This shows that God wants man to be on the throne, and for this He Himself became a man, and He wants an enlargement of Christ to rule and reign […]

Seeing that Jesus is the Man on the Throne and that We’re being Brought to the Throne

The mysterious thought concerning the relationship between God and man is that God created man in His image, according to His kind, so that He would work Himself into man and make Himself the same as man and make man the same as God until man fully expresses God and represents Him, and there’s a […]

The Authority in the Church is the Throne above the Clear Sky, God’s Ruling Presence

According to the Lord’s word in Matt 20 and 28 and based on Ezekiel 1, the only authority in the church is the throne above the clear sky, and when we are in subjection to God’s authority, we represent God, we have God’s ruling presence, and the throne in the heavens is transmitted to the earth […]

The Highest Point in our Spiritual Experience is having a Clear Sky with the Throne Above it

According to our experience and in light of Ezekiel chapter one, the highest point in our spiritual experience is having a clear sky with the throne above it. We need to have the spiritual experiences depicted in Ezekiel 1, from the open heavens with God’s direct speaking to having a clear and expanding sky with […]

Seeing a Vision of the Throne of God for His Administration throughout the Universe

As believers in Christ, we are living creatures who are learning to maintain a clear sky between us and the Lord, and above this clear sky there’s a throne – we need to see a vision of the throne of God for the divine administration throughout the universe. As we are learning to coordinate with […]