The Nature of the Church is Divine – the Church is Christly, Resurrectionly, and Heavenly

This week we want to see what is the nature of the church; in God’s eyes and according to the Bible, the church is divine, Christly (of Christ and in Christ), resurrectionly (of resurrection and in resurrection), and heavenly. The first thing we want to know about the church is the nature of the church, […]

Tests of our Service to God, Bearing Responsibility, and being Faithful in Service

As those who are learning to serve God by letting God initiate and we cooperate, we need to see what are the signs of service from man and service from God, what are some tests of our service for God, and how we need to bear responsibility and be absolutely faithful in service to God. […]

We need to Serve God according to God’s Appearing, His Command, and His Instructions

As believers in Christ we love the Lord and desire to serve Him, but we need to realize that our service has to be according to God’s appearing and command, following His instructions according to the pattern He shows us. Noah didn’t serve God out of his own zeal or opinions; he served God according […]

Don’t Commit the Iniquity of the Sanctuary: Let God Initiate the Work and Service

This week in our morning revival we come to a very serious matter – The Need for All Our Service to Be Initiated by God, and today in particular we want the Lord to shine on us that we may be saved from committing the iniquity of the sanctuary in our service to God. In […]

Pray-reading the Word of God, Applying it, and desiring Earnestly to Prophesy

Prophesying in the church meetings, i.e. speaking for God and speaking forth God into one another, fulfills the greatest prophecy in the Bible (Matt. 16:18). What constitutes prophesying is not eloquence of speech or brilliance of wit — it is the speaking forth of God Himself into others, which issues in the building up of […]

Taking care of the Living Christ in us and being Saved from Our Concepts and Hypocrisy

We need to see the obstacles that God’s life encounters in us, in particular the darkness of our human concepts and opinions and hypocrisy; we need to realize that the only thing that matters in our Christian life is how we take care of the living Christ in us. Our Christian life is actually a […]

Enjoy Christ as the Tree of Life by Loving Him with the First Love and by Eating Him

This week in our morning revival we focus on the topic of the Knowledge of life, and in particular today we want to see that Christ as life is the reality of the tree of life, and we need to eat Christ as the tree of life. We need to know life and the church, […]