Being Recovered to the Unique Ground of Oneness and the Enjoyment of Christ’s Riches

The history of Israel in the Old Testament is a full type of the history of the church, and the recovery of a remnant of the children of Israel from Babylon to Jerusalem for the rebuilding of the temple and the city signifies the Lord’s recovery of a remnant of the church out of today’s […]

Being a Continual Burnt Offering to be Reduced to Ashes and become the New Jerusalem!

In order for us to overcome the principle of Babylon and return to the orthodoxy of the church, we need to daily take Christ as our burnt offering; this will cause us to be reduced to ashes, which are treasured by God and are becoming the New Jerusalem, even though the world despises them. The […]

Overcoming the Principle of Babylon by Taking Christ as our Burnt Offering Daily

The only way for us to overcome the principle of Babylon is by daily taking Christ as our burnt offering, for He lived a life that is perfect and absolutely for God and for God’s satisfaction, and He is such a life in us to enable us to have such a living. We first need […]

God Calls His People to Come out of Babylon and Return to the Orthodoxy of the Church

In the book of Revelation the Lord calls for His people to come out of Babylon, which is the apostate church, so that they may return to the orthodoxy of the church, the normal condition of the church according to God’s original intention. Yes, God will judge and put the devil away, and the book […]

Not Denying the Lord’s Name but being Saved from Confusion, Scattering, and Mixture

As we read the Bible and realise the principle of Babylon, we need to be saved from denying the Lord’s name and from any confusion, scattering, and mixture. God hates Babylon and the principle of Babylon, for this great city is first of all the culmination of man’s endeavor to build something to make a […]

Not Living Luxuriously but Considering ourselves as a Widow, the Wife of Christ

The Lord wants to gain the church, His corporate expression, and in this age of the degradation of the church we need to see the principle of Babylon and be saved from it. The principle of Babylon is first man’s endeavour to build up something on earth to heaven by human ability, and then it […]

Seeing the Principle of Babylon and being Saved from Human Endeavor and Hypocrisy

This week in our deeper study of the recovery of the church we come the matter of the degradation of the church – the principle of Babylon and the way to overcome it. As those who have been shown mercy by the Lord to be in the Lord’s recovery today, we are not in Babylon, […]