Christ Builds the Church by Making His Home in our Heart to Constitute us with God

Christ is the only One qualified to build up His church, and he does this by building Himself into our being, that is, by making His home in our heart so that we may be mingled with the Triune God and become a mutual abode with Him. This is what the Bible reveals that God’s […]

We Experience the Cross as the Center of God’s Building to be Built into the Church

Although we as believers in Christ meet the cross everywhere in our Christian life, we experience the cross in a particular way when we come to the altar at the centre of God’s building, and here the cross becomes our center. The center of the building of the temple of God revealed in a vision […]

The Crucified Christ is God’s Power, and God’s way to Solve Problems is the Cross

The unique subject, center, content, and substance of the apostle’s ministry is the crucified Christ, and God’s way to deal with every problem in the universe is to terminate everyone and everything through the cross. As we are prayerfully considering the crystals in the book of Ezekiel, the matter of the cross is quite critical […]

Being Trained by the Lord Jesus to be Jesusly Human living a Divinely Human Life

Because the humanity of Jesus is the only material qualified to be in the building of God, we need to be Jesusly human, that is, the most human of people, those who are under the Lord’s training to let Jesus live in them. The Lord’s death on the cross terminated our old man, crucifying it […]

Living out the Uplifted and Resurrected Humanity of Jesus for the Building of God

The unique material of God’s holy building is the humanity of Jesus: for God’s building, we need to be human not by our natural humanity but by the humanity of Jesus, the resurrected humanity, the uplifted humanity of Jesus. The way the Lord Jesus lived was like no other man on earth. He didn’t just […]

We need to Experience and Enjoy Christ with His Humanity for the Building of God

If you read Ezekiel 40-48 and have the Lord’s divine light shining in your reading, you will realize that we have to experience and enjoy Christ for the Body in a detailed and specific way, as shown in all the features and details of the holy building of God. From the wall to all the […]

The Spiritual Significance of the Guardrooms, Porch, and Chambers in God’s building

This week we are going into a more in-depth study – a prayerful study – of the vision of the building of God in its outstanding features as seen in Ezek. 40-48, and today we want to see more concerning the guardrooms, the porch, the entrance, the palm trees, and the chambers. I have to […]