God’s Move is in man to Deify man and Gain the One New Man for His Expression

By the side of every living creature there is a high and awesome wheel, which show us the extraordinary move of the Lord for the fulfillment of His economy; God’s move today is in man to deify man to bring forth the new man so that God may obtain a corporate expression and have His […]

Being Consecrated Ones Expressing Christ for God’s Move to Carry out His Economy

The vision in Ezekiel 1, the deepest chapter in the Bible, is very broad and all-inclusive; it includes the wind, the cloud, the fire, and the electrum, and related to these are the four living creatures – who had high and awesome wheels by their faces, speaking of the Lord’s move. There’s no separate vision […]

Experiencing Christ to have a Keen Sense of Discernment and be Fresh and Living

As believers in Christ, we need to discern between what is of God and what is not of God, what is of life and what is of death, what is good and what is evil, and what God wants and what He hates; we need to have a walk that has been tested and burned […]

Learning to be Human Christians Living in a Jesusly Human Way by the Divine Life

The fact that the four living creatures in Ezek. 1 have the hands of a man under the wings of an eagle shows that we need to work and do things like a man, in a human way; Christian humanity refers not to our natural virtues but to Christ living in us as we live […]

Enjoying the Grace of God and Cooperating with God in a Human Way to Live like a Man

The four living creatures in Ezekiel 1 had the appearance of a man, the body of an eagle, the wings of an eagle, and under the wings they had the hands of a man; as normal Christians we should do things exactly like a man, in a human way, cooperating with God, having God mingled […]

Wings of an Eagle signify God’s Power in Life Applied to us and Becoming our Grace

The four living creatures have the wings of an eagle, the hands of a man, and the feet of a calf; the eagle’s wings signify God’s power in life applied to us and becoming our grace. The Bible is both specific and exhaustive in speaking concerning the four living creatures in Ezekiel 1, and it gives […]

Denying the Self and Walking by the Spirit to Coordinate with Others in the Body

This week we have been prayerfully considering the coordination among the four living creatures in Ezek. 1; in a practical way, for us to coordinate with others we need to deny our self, live and act by God’s grace, walk by the Spirit and according to the spirit, and be one with the coordinating Triune […]