Experiencing the Lord’s Shepherding for the Recovery of the Church Life (Ezek. 34)

How blessed we are to be under the Lord’s shepherding for the recovery of the church life, as seen in Ezekiel 34! The Lord is indeed our good Shepherd, and He Himself comes to search for us, His sheep, to seek us out; He brings us from among the unbelievers to Himself so that we […]

Being those who Enjoy the All-inclusive Tender Care of our Good Shepherd Lord Jesus

How wonderful it is to see in Ezekiel 34 how our good Shepherd, Christ, is taking an all-inclusive tender care of us as His sheep! First He speaks to the shepherds, who did not take care of the sheep but rather fed themselves and caused the sheep to go astray and be scattered, and then […]

Eating the Lord and having a Proper Spiritual Digestion by saying Amen to His Word

As believers in Christ, we need to eat the Lord Jesus in His word by prayerfully considering and reconsidering it day by day, and we need to have a proper spiritual digestion, allowing the Lord to have the thoroughfare in every part of our inner being. The word of God is not only full of […]

Crucial Points to Consider as we Eat, Digest, and Assimilate Christ in the Word

As believers in Christ, we need to eat the Lord Jesus by receiving Him into us so that He may be digested and assimilated into our regenerated new man in the way of life; for this, we need to eat, digest, and assimilate Christ as our spiritual food day by day. God’s economy is that we […]

Advancing from the Milk of the Word to the Word of Righteousness as the Solid Food

As those who realize that God’s word is our food, we need to advance from the milk of the word (in 1 Pet. 2:2) to the word of righteousness as solid food (in Heb. 5:13-14) so that we may grow in life. As believers in Christ, we have the Spirit with our spirit, and Jesus […]

Receiving the Spirit and Life contained in God’s Word by Praying over God’s Word

Ezekiel was told by God to take and eat the scroll, and then to prophesy for God; as believers in Christ, we need to eat the words of the Bible, taking the word of God into us by means of all prayer, and receive the Spirit that is embodied in the word of God. Jeremiah […]

God’s Words are Good for us to Eat: we need to Eat the Word of God as our Food

Ezekiel was asked by God to take the scroll and eat it, then speak the word of God (Ezek. 2:8-3:4); as believers in Christ we need to eat the word of God, digest them, assimilate them into our being, and then speak the word of God. This week in our crystallization-study of Ezekiel we come […]