Learning to Exercise the Key of Denying the Self, who is the Embodiment of Satan

The building up of the church depends on the shutting of the gates of Hades through the exercise of the three keys, the first of which is denying the self; the self is nothing else but the embodiment of Satan – the self is one with Satan and is expressed through our opinionated mind. Matthew […]

What are the Gates of Hades and how can we use the Keys of the Kingdom to Close them

Matthew 16 is a very enlightening chapter in the Bible in our seeing how the direction of the Lord’s move today is to bring in the kingdom of God; in this chapter we have the way to build up the church and the enemy of the building of God. The matter of the direction of […]

Laboring in Prayer with God to Bring in His Kingdom and Carry out His Will on Earth

The work of the church is to bring in the kingdom of God on earth, and the way the church accomplishes her work is through prayer; the church should pray to bring in His kingdom on earth, and thus be an outlet of the heaven, allowing heaven’s authority to be expressed on earth. The church, […]

The Work of the Church today is to bring in the Kingdom of God on the Earth

The gospel of the kingdom is to bring in the kingdom of God, which issues in the church, and the work of the church is to bring in the kingdom of God. The Lord Jesus came not merely to express God and save us from our sins; He came to bring in the kingdom of […]

The Genuine Church is the Kingdom of God in this Age, where we live the Kingdom Life

Concerning the kingdom of God we need to realize that the church is brought into being through the authority of the kingdom, and the kingdom of God in this age is the genuine church, with the faithful believers living the kingdom life in the church. In Rom. 14:17 we are told that the kingdom of […]

The Kingdom is the Reality of the Church; the Kingdom Life issues in the Church life

The reality of the church today is the kingdom of God, and apart from the kingdom life, we cannot live the church life. We were once alienated from the life of God – we were alienated from God and His life, being outside of the kingdom of God. When we heard the gospel and believed […]

The Gospel brings in the Divine Life, the Kingdom of God, which Produces the Church

In the New Testament we first see the kingdom of God (the Lord came out to preach the gospel of the kingdom, repentance for the kingdom of the heavens) and then we see the church; the presence of the kingdom produces the church. The direction of the Lord’s move today is threefold: to build up […]