The Gospel brings in the Divine Life, the Kingdom of God, which Produces the Church

In the New Testament we first see the kingdom of God (the Lord came out to preach the gospel of the kingdom, repentance for the kingdom of the heavens) and then we see the church; the presence of the kingdom produces the church. The direction of the Lord’s move today is threefold: to build up […]

Direction of the Lord’s Move is to Bring in the Kingdom of God as the Spreading of God’s Life

The direction of the Lord’s move is to build up the Body of Christ, to prepare the bride of Christ, and to bring in the kingdom of God as the spreading of the divine life for God’s eternal administration. Some may say that knowing and practicing the God-ordained way to meet and to serve may […]

Baptizing People into God and Practicing the God-Ordained Way for God’s building

Everything the Lord is doing today is for God’s building, and what we as believers in Christ should seek to do today is build up the church as the Body of Christ. However, some may say that it is impossible to have the recovery of the church life today, and it is close to impossible […]

Our Work for the Lord in the Gospel is by the Lord’s Resurrection Life and Power

What does it mean to serve God in our spirit in the gospel of His Son (Rom. 1:9)? Much of the service rendered to God today by His people is outwardly good, great, and even wonderful, but do the Lord’s believers serve Him in their spirit in the gospel of His Son? First of all, […]

Exercising our Spirit to Learn, Experience, and Minister the Full Gospel of God

As believers in Christ, we need to have the same realisation as the Apostle Paul: we were separated unto the gospel of God, and now we are priests of the gospel. The gospel of God is an all-inclusive, complete, full, and high gospel including the entire divine revelation in the New Testament, and when we […]

We Serve God in Worship by Preaching the Gospel of God’s Son in our Mingled Spirit

All the requirements related to the believers – as revealed in the New Testament – are met by Christ living in us; in order for us to live the Christian life and serve God in our spirit in the gospel of His Son, we need to daily receive the divine supply. There is no way […]

Serving God is Worshipping God – our God must be Living to us in our Daily Life

There are many children of God who desire to serve the Lord but they do it in a wrong way, not according to the divine revelation in the Bible; they may not be wrong in their doctrine or heart for the Lord, but they are wrong in their way of serving God. We need to […]