Crystallization-Study of Ezekiel (1)

Crystallization-Study of Ezekiel (1) - enjoyment from the Holy Word for Morning RevivalPraise the Lord for His up-to-date speaking on the book of Ezekiel! The first part of the crystallization-study of Ezekiel was given during the 2016 winter training, and we all enjoyed the holy word for morning revival for twelve weeks.

Chapter one of Ezekiel is the deepest chapter in the Bible, describing the experiences we need for us to become the rainbow city, the New Jerusalem. Wow! Enjoy below a compilation of daily prayerful study and enjoyment from the word of God, the ministry, our Christian experience, and the footnotes, concerning the book of Ezekiel (crystallization-study).

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Crystallization-Study of Ezekiel (1) – Enjoyment

Week 1 – Visions of God and the Unveiling of God’s Purpose and the Desire of His Heart

  1. Being the Ezekiels of Today to have the Heavens Opened and See Visions of God
  2. Aligning our Being with God to See Visions of God in Spirit under an Opened Heaven
  3. Praying to be in a Trance for us to See God’s Visions and Hear God’s Express Words
  4. Seeing the Vision, Hearing God’s Word, and Having God’s Hand upon us to Meet His Need
  5. Ezekiel 1 unveils God’s Desire to be Expressed Corporately in Christ and His Body
  6. Ezekiel 1 shows us God’s Eternal Intention to have the Manifestation of God in Man

Week 2 – The Spiritual History of a Normal Christian— the Wind, the Cloud, the Fire, and the Electrum

Week 3 – The Four Living Creatures

  1. Experiencing the Wind, Cloud, Fire, and Electrum to become the Four Living Creatures
  2. God’s Central Thought and Arrangement are Related to Man, for Man is to Express God
  3. The Living Creatures are the means for God’s Manifestation, Move, and Administration
  4. Being Proper Human Beings – being Jesusly Human – who live out the Humanity of Jesus
  5. Being Bold and Victorious like Lions toward sin, and Willing to Serve man like an Ox
  6. God’s Life in us Causes us to be Transcendent so that we may Express God Corporately

Week 4 – The Coordination of the Four Living Creatures

  1. Our Coordination as Living Creatures is not in Ourselves but in God and by His Grace
  2. Functioning in Coordination and doing Everything through the Cross and by the Spirit
  3. Learn to Fellowship and Coordinate, and Follow the Spirit and the Saints in the Body
  4. The Result of Coordination is that we’re Burned, Burning, Shining, and Enlightened
  5. When God moves Freely among us we look like the Sanctifying God and we Have Impact

Week 5 – The Wings of an Eagle, the Hands of a Man, and the Feet of a Calf

Week 6 – The High and Awesome Wheels

Week 7 – The Highest Point in Our Spiritual Experience— Having a Clear Sky with a Throne above It

Week 8 – The Man on the Throne

Week 9 – The Rainbow— the Consummation of the Experience of the Christian Life and the Church Life

Week 10 – Eating the Scroll— Eating and Digesting the Word of God

Week 11 – God’s Recovery by Life through His Shepherding

Week 12 – The Inward Recovery by Life for the Carrying Out of God’s Economy

Crystallization-Study of Ezekiel (1) – Banners

The most important matter for a person who serves the Lord is that he must see visions of God; under the visions from God we are directed toward God’s destination, and our life is controlled according to God’s economy.

God needs a group of living creatures who can coordinate together as one corporate entity, the corporate Christ, for His expression, move, and administration; their coordination is not in themselves but in God and by the divine power, the divine strength, and the divine grace.

We need to maintain a clear sky with the Lord, that is, have a clear fellowship with Him; in our spiritual experience, to have the throne above a clear sky is to allow God to have the highest and most prominent position in our Christian life.

Through His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, the Lord Jesus was brought to the throne, and as the Pioneer and Forerunner, He cut the path to the throne and led the way to the throne so that we may follow for the fulfillment of God’s desire to bring us to the throne.


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