Special Fellowship concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Move (HWMR)

Special Fellowship concerning the World Situation and the Lord's Move (HWMR)Based on the 2017 Spring Chinese Speaking Conference held in Anaheim, these five messages / weeks are titled, Special Fellowship concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Move. As believers in Christ we need to know the age we live in, see the Lord’s move, be joined to His move to be one with Him, and be up-to-date with the Lord in His move.

The Lord’s move today is to work Himself into man to deify man and make man one with Him so that God would move in man’s move, and man’s move would be in God’s move. The Lord’s move has many aspects, and we need to have a clear sky and open heavens for us to see what is in His heart and would be fully one with Him for His move, so that we would cooperate with His move on earth.

Enjoy this HWMR electronically via itunes, google play, amazon, and isilo lsm, and buy it online as hardbound copy here (USA). Below there are some portions of enjoyment from the messages given during this time, the morning revival portions, and the word of God with the help of the ministry. You can also watch/listen to the messages given during this conference here.

Special Fellowship concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Move (HWMR)

We need to know this age and the present truth and see a vision of God’s sovereignty, the world’s ultimate situation, and God’s ultimate recovery in order to fulfill our ultimate responsibility in God’s ultimate move by honoring the Lord as the Head and by being balanced by the Body to be kept in its unique oneness. (Banner)

Week 1 – Cooperating with God to Carry out His Move in His Economy by Knowing this Age and by Knowing the Present Truth

  1. God’s Move in His Economy is to Deify Man to Bring in the New Man for God’s Expression
  2. God’s Move follows our Move, we Follow the Spirit, and the Spirit is in God’s move
  3. Knowing this Age and Knowing the Spirit of God in the Move of God’s Eternal Economy
  4. Being Produced by God to be His Overcomers to Accomplish His Eternal Economy Today
  5. Knowing the Present Truth and not being Castaways of the Present Truth in this Age
  6. The Present Truth is the Central Revelation of God and the Lord’s Present Recovery

Week 2 – God’s Sovereignty, the Divine History within the Human History, and the World Situation and God’s Move to Spread His Recovery

  1. In God’s Sovereignty He Created us as Vessels of Mercy to Contain Him for His Glory
  2. We need to Worship God for His Sovereignty and Carry out our Responsibility Today
  3. Seeing the Divine History within the Human History with Christ and the Church
  4. Living in the Divine History by Living in the Church for the Manifestation of Christ
  5. The Events of World History are Sovereignly Arranged by God for Him to Fulfill His Purpose
  6. Being Aware of, Concerned, and Burdened for God’s Move in the Present World Situation

Week 3 – Spreading the Divine Truths and Seeing a Vision of the World’s Ultimate Situation, God’s Ultimate Move, and the Lord’s Ultimate Recovery

  1. The Lord needs the Truths of His Recovery to Spread to the Whole Earth for His Return
  2. Considering what the Lord wants to Do in God’s Move today in this World Situation
  3. We need to See a Vision of the World’s Ultimate Situation and God’s Ultimate Move
  4. God’s Ultimate Move is to have Christ Saturating us and Living in us for the Body
  5. The World Situation is for the Ultimate Move of God and for His Ultimate Recovery
  6. The Lord’s Ultimate Recovery is His Ultimate Move to Recover Christ and the Church

Week 4 – Bearing the Ultimate Responsibility in God’s Ultimate Move

  1. Our Ultimate Responsibility is to be Saturated with Christ to Live Christ for the Body
  2. Our Ultimate Responsibility is to Bear the Testimony of Jesus for His Expression
  3. The Spreading of the Lord’s Recovery is Part of our Ultimate Responsibility Today
  4. We need to Plant Church Trees as Golden Lampstands for God’s Corporate Expression
  5. We need to Know and Experience Christ as the Center of the Divine Administration
  6. We need to Follow the Lamb wherever He may go and be Faithful to Him until the End

Week 5 – Doing Everything according to the Leading, Working, and Speaking of the Spirit, Honoring the Lord as the Head of the Body for His Unique Move, and Being Balanced by the Body to Be Kept in Its Unique Oneness

  1. Everything we do must be According to the Leading, Working, and Speaking of the Spirit
  2. Being in the Living Move of the Holy Spirit by having a Personal Contact with the Lord
  3. Being Filled with the Holy Spirit to be in the Lord’s Living Move and not in a Movement
  4. We must Honor the Lord as the Head of the Body, Praying until We’re Clear about His Leading
  5. Going into the Presence of the Lord and Praying until we have His Leading where to go
  6. Being Balanced by the Body by having much Prayer and Fellowship with the Saints

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