Christ as King will Reign on Earth with the Overcomers as His Helpers in the Kingship

I never thought that Psalm 45 is so much related to the way for us to be prepared as the bride of Christ, but this psalm is very high and wonderful, for in it we see the psalmist’ praise of the Lord as the King in Himself, in the church (as the queen), and in […]

Shepherding According to God by being One with God to Shepherd According what He is

This week we are exploring the deeper meaning and implication of the expression, “shepherding according to God” in 1 Pet. 5:2. The Lord Jesus as the good Shepherd took good care of His sheep when He was on earth, and now in His heavenly ministry He still cares for us, His flock, by interceding for […]

A Priest Contacts God in the Mingling with God and he’s Thoroughly Mingled with God

God’s intention is that all His people would be priests, that is, that all His people would be open vessels to Him, those who seek not to merely know God’s will or do things for God but who are open to Him and are filled with Him. A priest is not primarily someone who does […]

The Church Life today is the Reality of Bethel, the Fulfillment of Jacob’s Dream

The stone that Jacob put under his head as a pillow and then early in the morning set up as a pillar and poured oil on it – this stone became Bethel, the house of God (see Gen. 28:17, 19, 22). I am still amazed that God met this restless and homeless young man, Jacob, […]

abiding in the Lord by giving thanks in everything and praying unceasingly

What does it really mean to “unceasingly pray”? Does it mean that you have to stop any other outward activity and spend 24/7 in prayer on your knees before God? This natural thought seems rather impractical and intangible, impossible to attain by a human being. Prayer is an activity of our spirit – our mingled spirit prays all the time. To pray is to use our spirit to fellowship with God. Our spirit is always willing, ready to pray, but we need to turn to our spirit and use our spirit to pray! Let us not quench the Spirit in our spirit but allow our spirit to be active all the time by praying unceasingly! [read more online]

abiding in Christ by the teaching of the anointing and eating the hidden manna

The way for us to abide in Christ is according to the teaching of the anointing – the anointing teaches us all things, especially that we abide in Christ (1 John 2:27). Inwardly, we obey the teaching of the anointing, and outwardly, we must walk even as the Lord walked (1 John 2:6). All the believers in Christ have in them the compound Spirit, the consummated Spirit of the processed Triune God, and this Spirit is not static, passive, or silent. The Spirit in our spirit is continually anointing us, flowing in us – He is active, aggressive, moving, and working! [read more online]

the line of life in the Bible (part 2): Samuel, David, Daniel, the Lord Jesus, the believers, Paul, etc

Yesterday we saw many persons in the Old Testament that were on the line of life – those who loved God, called on the name of Jehovah, walked with God, and were even one with God. Throughout the Bible there are people who not only worshipped God but were specifically in the line of life […]