Prophesying by Speaking forth God’s Word to Fulfill His Desire and Build up the Church

In Ezekiel 37 we see not only our condition when we’re fallen or backslidden (“dry bones”) but also God’s solution: prophesying, that is, the need to prophesy by speaking for the Lord so that the Spirit would come in and enliven us! On the one hand, the many dry, disjointed, very dry, separated bones in […]

Enjoying the Blessing of Inhaling God: we Breathe Him through Pray-Reading the Word

The Bible is not merely a book written in black and white for us to have some knowledge concerning God and His purpose; rather, the Bible is the word of God, the consolidation of God as light, and in the Bible we can find words that give life if we have a proper attitude and […]

The Law is the Living Word of God to Infuse His Substance into His Loving Seekers

Depending on the condition of our heart and our attitude toward it, the law of God is either something negative or something very positive to us. The people of Israel were brought by God to His mountain not to be given “a set of laws and commandments for them to obey in fear and respect […]

What is the Central Line of the Divine Revelation in the Bible? What’s the main revelation in the Bible?

This is a question that all the genuine believers in Christ should ask themselves and have it settled within them! The Bible speaks about a lot of things and it has many topics, many books, and many writers. But the Scriptures as the God-breathed Word(2 Tim. 3:16) have a central line – there is a […]

vanity of vanity, all is vanity and chasing after the wind if we’re not filled with God as our content!

When you pray over the Word of God, the light shines! The Bible clearly says that, All Scripture is God-breathed… (2 Tim. 3:16)- and this means that every word in the Bible is the breath of God which can become life to us when we take it in by means of all prayer and petition(Eph. […]

enjoyment from the Winter School of Truth – the five main functions of the Bible

Every year towards the end we set aside a week to come together and get into the truth – we want to pursue the Lord together. It is such a great opportunity for saints and young ones from everywhere to get together and enter into the Word together, pray-read, enjoy the Lord, and be blended […]

sharing from the 2010 Winter School of Truth – the Bible testifies concerning the Lord Jesus

The Winter School of the Truth is a one-week-long period of time when the young people come together to enter into the truth, blend together, and fellowship around the Word of God. In Europe until now the winter school has been in London, UK. This past year – year 2010 – we went through “The […]