Praying with Christ as the Incense Satisfies God and Carries out His Administration

God in Christ as the Spirit comes to us as the holy anointing oil to add the elements of God to us and infuse us with all that God is; after Christ is being wrought into us, we can go to God in prayer with Christ, in Christ, and even as Christ to offer the […]

Being Filled and Saturated with Christ to Express Him and become God’s Dwelling Place

The Lord today desires to recover the universal priesthood of all the believers in Christ for God’s building. He wants that all believers would be restored to a normal situation according to the divine standard from a condition of failure, degradation, loss, and abnormality. We need to be open to the Lord in a fresh […]

Living the God-man Life by Denying our Natural Life and Living by the Divine Life

When we see that, as believers in Christ, we are God-men, we will realize that our living must be the living of a God-man, the same kind of living that the Lord Jesus had when He was on the earth. Even though the Lord Jesus was God incarnate, He didn’t live by His own life, […]

Christ as the Mystery of God is Everything to the Believers for their Enjoyment

All the genuine and seeking believers in Christ today need to see Paul’s completing ministry, and in our daily life we need to complete the word of God. This means, first of all, that we realize we are vessels to contain God as the content. Christ was the individual expression of God, but now the […]

Being Filled with God, Cooperating with God, and Being Perfected to do God’s Will

The word of God has been completed in its written form in the Bible, but what about our personal experience? Has the word of God been completed in our life? Do we have the central vision of the completing ministry of Paul governing us and restricting us? In Paul’s writings in the New Testament we […]

Being Filled with The Enjoyment of God and then Working Together with God

Before God created man He made sure the earth was a pleasant place for man to be – He created the atmosphere, the plants, the animals, and everything needed for man to live. Then, when man was created, all he needed to do is to rest with God and enjoy God, and then to dress […]

God intends to recover the earth for Himself through Christ in the church; the key: a built-up church!

God’s purpose is to be expressed in a corporate way on the earth – throughout the Bible and particularly in the book of Psalms we see that God desires to recover His title, His legal rights, over the whole earth through Christ in the church, through Christ in the house, through Christ in the city. […]