What does it mean in our Experience for us to be Measured by God’s Building?

Our main concern as believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ should be not with behaving ourselves or becoming spiritual but with being measured by God’s building and fitting into God’s house. If what we are and do can’t match God’s building, it amounts to nothing in the sight of God. As […]

Becoming Pillars in God’s Building to be an Entrance for others Deeper into God

In our prayerful study of the tabernacle with its furnishings, we realize that we need to become pillars in the Triune God, as signified by the nine pillars in the tabernacle, so that we may be one with Christ for many to enter into God’s building and even enter deeper into God Himself. This whole […]

We need to be Built up to be God’s Dwelling Place to Serve Him as the Priesthood

In the building of God, the goal of God’s work and His heart’s desire, the living stones are the priests, and the building is the priesthood; for us to be the priesthood in reality, we need to be built up in God and with one another for God’s building. If we read the Old Testament […]