Pursuing Growth and Maturity in Life, and Having God Built into us and us into God

As those who love the Lord and desire to be part of His overcoming bride, we need to pursue the growth and maturity in life, we need to know the Body, and we need to be built together with the saints in the Triune God as the Body of Christ. The bride of Christ is […]

The Lord’s Recovery is for the Building up of the Universal Organic Body of Christ

This morning I was encouraged to realize that the Lord’s recovery is based upon the truth that Christ has only one Body, and the Lord’s recovery is for the building up of the Body of Christ and not for any particular local church or individual. The Lord’s urgent need today on earth is to gain […]

Having the Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge of the Spirit to Build up the Church

As believers in Christ we are both the materials for God’s building and those who cooperate with the Lord to be co-builders with Him doing the noble work of building up the church with God Himself as our wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skill. We see this in picture in Exodus, where God gave Moses the […]

The Emphasis in the Bible is on God’s Building; our Unique Need is to be Built Up

Christ today is building up His church; God’s goal is His building, and our unique need is for us to be built up. The entire Bible speaks of life and building: God is life, He gives Himself to man as life in the form of food (the tree of life) and drink (the living water) […]

Christian Life is a life of Changing Death into Life for the Building up of the Body

God desires to gain a building, a habitation, a mutual dwelling place of God and man; Christ came to be the mingling of God with man, and in His resurrection He enlarged God’s building to include all those who believe into Him;  He’s changing death into life in our being for the building up of […]

The Saving Life of Christ Accomplishes the Organic Goal of God’s Dynamic Salvation

The righteous shall have life and live by faith (Rom. 1:17) – the righteousness of God is the procedure of God’s salvation judicially, the life of Christ is the purpose of God’s salvation organically, and the faith of the believers is the substantiation of God’s salvation practically. The gospel of God has a solid structure: […]

The Practical Life and Building up of the Body come from the Enjoyment of Christ

As believers in Christ we received the gospel of grace and believed in Jesus Christ, and we daily under a marvelous divine transmission of grace: God is supplying the Spirit of grace bountifully, and we should be receiving and dispensing the Spirit of grace continually. We need to daily come to the throne of grace […]