Knowing the Science of Drinking and Flowing the Water of Life in Resurrection

Just as the people of Israel had the living water flowing from the smitten rock for them to drink and have their thirst quenched, so today we as believers in Christ have the “resurrection beverage” flowing freely, that is, we have the life-giving Spirit flowing in resurrection for us to drink all the time. However, […]

whenever we as God’s people exalt Christ there will be restoration and revival!

After we are saved, we daily call on the name of the Lord and we daily learn to give Him the first place in all things. We as regenerated people need to come together in the meetings of the church and exalt Christ by our singing, our praising, our praying, and even our shouting, Praise the Lord! We shouldn’t be silent – we need to exalt Christ by declaring, Oh, Lord Jesus, You are right now at the right hand of God – we exalt You! We give You the preeminence in our church life, our family life, our work life, our personal life, and in everything! We exalt You Lord Jesus! [continue reading online]

this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony!

I am so encouraged with what the Lord is doing today! On the one hand we have the high peak truth and the high gospel – the complete gospel as revealed in the whole New Testament – and on the other hand we have a way to enjoy the Lord, practice the church life, build up the Body, and become the Bride of Christ! In His recovery the Lord is continually speaking – conference after conference, training after training, meeting after meeting, and even morning after morning as we spend time with Him. [continue reading online]

even when we try to run away, the Lord lovingly brings us back to Him(a student’s testimony)

I was born and raised up as a 4th generation believer in the Lord’s Recovery. Being in such a blessed situation, sad to say, I never learn to appreciate. I went through all the conferences, trainings, meetings, etc, not realizing what was I actually doing, and why was I doing all this. I tended to flee […]

I need to turn to the Lord and call on His name even during my exams(a student’s testimony)

The Lord has been taking good care of me since I came to the UK. Praise the Lord, when I look back the church life I had for about 8 months now – I really enjoy God’s mercy and grace. I touched the Lord in my home country but I did not get too much […]