Turning our Heart to the Lord and being Led by the Spirit in our Time with Him in the Morning

I would like to share my personal experience regarding my morning revival with you all dear ones. We have heard that our morning times are crucial time and time again, but I believe we can all testify that when we overcome death (that is, our bed) and rise up by turning our heart to the […]

Coming to the Word of God, Finding God’s Words, and Feeding on them in the Morning

Jeremiah 15:16 says, Your words were found and I ate them, and Your word became to me the gladness and joy of my heart. Apparently, the words of God are right in front of us every morning, but in experience the words need to be found. We need the Lord to shine on us as […]

Being Soaked and Saturated with the Lord, and being Joined to the Flow of Life

Previously I normally wake up 5:00am call on the LORD for at least 15 minutes, then get into the morning revival that my local church or brothers decided for us to enjoy. But I realized fifteen minutes calling on the Lord is not enough for me. So for about a year now I normally wake 3:00am to call […]

Learning and Fighting to be Revived Every Morning in God’s Word

I love the Lord Jesus, therefore I must meet Him every morning. During this personal time with the Lord I am learning that God is good for food and that all Scripture is God-breathed. I contact the Lord every morning by calling on His name. I was led this morning to go to the word […]

A Time with the Lord in the Morning (as a brand new father)

My time with the Lord in the morning getting revived has changed over the past few years as my human situation has changed. Before my wife and I had a child my schedule was more consistent and I had built up the habit to spend time with the Lord in the morning. Now, it’s harder […]

Not Quenching the Spirit but Fanning our Spirit into Flame to Serve God with Divine Fire

If we love God, offer ourselves to God, and are willing to forsake everything for God, placing ourselves in His hand in order to be broken, He as the divine fire will be burning in us to motivate us and energize us to serve Him by fanning our spirit into flame. The history of the […]

We All need to Learn to Feed on Christ: By Eating Jesus we Become His Testimony!

The table of the bread of the presence (also called the showbread table) in the Holy Place in the tabernacle is a very sweet and satisfying place to be, because there’s always food there – permanently! In this item of the furnishings of the tabernacle we see how God in Christ wants to be enjoyed […]