Giving Christ the Ground to Fill us with Life for us to Minister Life in our Service

As believers in Christ, we have not only the human life inherited from our parents but also the divine life which we received through regeneration; now we need to practice giving the Lord the ground to fill us with life so that we may minister His life in our service. The Lord Jesus came so […]

We are Channels of Life and Priests to God to Overflow God to Others as Blessing

The principle of blessing is that the greater blesses the lesser; the meaning of blessing is that blessing is the overflow of God through someone’s maturity in life. When God obtains a person who is mature in life, a person who is not only transformed but also mature, He has a way to flow through […]

Giving Life to the Sinning Brother by Asking the Lord in the Fellowship of Life

The divine life we have received through regeneration is very real and practical. In the first Epistle of John we see that life was manifested and we have seen and testify and report concerning it (1 John 1:1-3). And this life is a fellowship, a flow, something moving and growing and expanding. If we sin, […]

being channels of life with a surplus of life to minister life to others

All the members of the Body of Christ are ministers of life, imparting life to the ones around them for the growth and the building up of the Body. In the church life we all are learning to minister life – this is our only need. We don’t need more teachings, doctrines, do’s and dont’s; […]

taking the lead to minister life by flowing out the divine life into others

As the sheep in the Lord’s flock, being the same as all the other believers in Christ, we want to learn to take the lead to love the Lord with the first love, to experience life, and to minister life. We need to present ourselves to the Lord personally that we would become a particular […]