Christ is God’s Appointed Heir, and we are His Joint-Heirs, Christ’s Partners

In this universe God has a great divine operation, which is to accomplish a glorious expression of Himself; the church is a corporate partnership with Christ, and we are Christ’s partners and His joint heirs in God’s corporation. Wow! All this can be seen in Heb. 3:14, 1:9, and in other portions such as Rom. […]

The Lord’s Ultimate Recovery is His Ultimate Move to Recover Christ and the Church

We need to see a vision of the world’s ultimate situation (how God arranged the world situation for the spreading of the gospel), God’s ultimate move (which is in man to have Christ as their life for the Body of Christ), and the Lord’s ultimate recovery. The world’s ultimate situation today involves the fact that […]

Seeing the Divine History within the Human History with Christ and the Church

It is amazing to see how the Bible reveals the universal history according to God’s economy; what we see in the Bible is not merely human history nor just the divine history, but the divine history within the human history. On the one hand, we need to realize that our God is sovereign, and this […]

Seeing a Vision of the Central Matter in the Lord’s Recovery: Christ and the Church

After seeing some of the main things that the Lord spoke to the seven local churches in Rev. 2-3, this week we have a conclusion on all this, focusing on the New Jerusalem, which is the consummation of the central vision of God’s economy and of the high peak of the divine revelation through the […]

The Type, Reality, and Consummation of the Tabernacle, God’s Corporate Expression

The consummation of all God’s work in Exodus is the tabernacle, and in its spiritual significance we can see the type, the reality, and the consummation of the tabernacle, which reveal the goal of God’s economy to have a corporate people to be His dwelling place for His expression and representation in eternity. The Passover, […]

Gospel is the Proclamation of Jesus Christ according to the Revelation of the Mystery

The book of Romans – the gospel of Paul – shows us the gospel of God, the proclamation of Jesus Christ, which is to make sinners sons of God to constitute the Body of Christ, which is expressed as the local churches. The gospel that Paul preached was not a low gospel, and he didn’t […]

Satan utilizes Religion to Keep People from Christ and the Church as God’s Will

Today when you talk to others about Christ, they immediately associate this with religion; when you try to explain to them that you’re speaking of a living Person who is now the Spirit, they think you’re a religious person trying to get them into religion. Religion is something formed by the human mind under the […]