Today is the day to have a New Man Constituted of All the Local Churches on earth

The application of the new man spoken of in Eph. 2:15 and Col. 3:10-11 is that all the local churches in the different countries are one new man. So our practice of the church life should be with the Body of Christ and the new man as the goal in view. The constitution of the […]

Taking Christ as our Life and Person so that Christ is All and in All in the New Man

In the new man Christ is all and in all. What does it mean in reality and in our experience for Christ to be all in all in the church as the one new man? We need to ask the Lord to make this real to us, and even to make this our reality in […]

The One New Man was Created in Christ to Bear His Image, and the New Man is Christ!

The new man was created in Christ on the cross; Christ is the element of the new man, Christ is all and in all in the new man, and the new man is Christ. The first main aspect or status of the church is that it is the Body of Christ, and the second one […]

Speaking the Same Thing with One Mouth in One Accord as the One New Man Today

Many believers, when they read verses such as, “that you all speak the same thing…but that you be attuned in the same mind and in the same opinion” (1 Cor. 1:10) or “that with one accord you may with one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom. 15:6) think that […]

The Local Churches are the Reproduction of Christ and the Reprint of the Spirit

The golden lampstand in Exodus 25 was designed by God Himself, and we need a spirit of wisdom and revelation to understand the intrinsic significance of the golden lampstand so that we may realize that it portrays the goal of God’s eternal economy. The golden lampstand is not merely a lamp to shine in the […]

Christ’s Resurrection Issued in the Son’s Vine and the Spirit’s Child (the New Man)

Did you know that in the resurrection of Christ the consummated Triune God was incorporated with the regenerated believers? This is the highest vision concerning Christ in His resurrection: He was glorified by the Father by releasing the divine life from within Him, He became the life-giving Spirit, He was begotten of God to be […]

The Church Life is Christ Experienced and Expressed by All the Saints Corporately

After seeing a clear vision of the church and God’s threefold purpose for the church, we now come to the practice of the church and the crucial experiences we need in order to practice the church life today. The church is to have the full sonship to express God; the church is the corporate new […]