The Direction of the Lord’s Move is to Prepare the Bride for Christ, the Bridegroom

The direction of the Lord’s move today is to build up the Body of Christ, to prepare the bride as the counterpart for Christ the bridegroom, and to bring in the kingdom of God. This week we are starting a two-week deeper study on the matter of the preparation of the bride as the counterpart […]

The Direction of the Lord’s Move today is Building up the Body for His Expression

Today we start a new topic in our holy word for morning revival, which is, The Direction of the Lord’s move today, and in particular this week we focus on, The Intrinsic Building Up of the Organic Body of Christ (1) – Governed by a Vision of the Universal Body of Christ as the Goal […]

The Eternal Purpose of God the Father is to Gain the Church as a Bride for Christ

God’s eternal purpose and His eternal plan is to gain the church as a bride for His Son. In Genesis 24 we see the account of four persons working together to get Isaac and Rebekah married – this story is a type of the Triune God working in and on man to prepare man to […]

the Lord Jesus is the Bridegroom courting us to be His bride to marry Him!

The Lord Jesus did not come to earth only as a Savior and Redeemer. As we see in John 3, the Lord came as the Bridegroom, and Him being the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world was for redeeming His bride! We were regenerated to be part of the bride […]

Christ is the Physician and the Bridegroom, the unfulled cloth, the new wine, and the Shepherd!

Every day as we read the Bible we discover more aspects of Christ – all the positive things in the universe point to Him as the reality. What we see and even what we are – and it is positive – is just a shadow; Christ is the reality. I never thought that the gospel […]