Overcoming the Principle of Babylon by Taking Christ as our Burnt Offering Daily

The only way for us to overcome the principle of Babylon is by daily taking Christ as our burnt offering, for He lived a life that is perfect and absolutely for God and for God’s satisfaction, and He is such a life in us to enable us to have such a living. We first need […]

Ministering to the Lord by Drawing Near to Him and Spending Time with Him in Prayer

The Lord desires us to minister to Him by drawing near to Him, spend time before the Lord and pray more, and wait for His will to be revealed to us and infused into us, so that we may minister not only to His house but to the Lord Himself. In Ezek. 44 the Lord […]

Christ Satisfied God’s Requirements: now He’s our Righteousness, Holiness, and Glory

As we prayerfully consider the spiritual significance and application of the rainbow, we need to realize that the three basic colors composing it refer to God’s righteousness, holiness, and glory, which once excluded the sinful man from God’s presence but are now becoming our reality in Christ. As seen in Ezekiel chapter 1 – the […]

Praying with Christ as the Incense Satisfies God and Carries out His Administration

God in Christ as the Spirit comes to us as the holy anointing oil to add the elements of God to us and infuse us with all that God is; after Christ is being wrought into us, we can go to God in prayer with Christ, in Christ, and even as Christ to offer the […]

The Ingredients of the Incense typify Christ with His Death and Resurrection

As those who love God, seek Him, and desire to experience Him, we need to know what makes Him happy and how can we contribute to the fulfilment of His purpose. What is it that satisfies God’s heart and what contributes to the fulfillment of His purpose? It is Christ, but in a more specific […]

Who may sojourn in God’s tent? Who may dwell with God on His holy mountain? Only Christ is qualified!

 Psa. 15:1 says, O Jehovah, who may sojourn in Your tent? Who may dwell on Your holy mountain? These questions can be rephrased as, What kind of man may dwell with God for His heart’s desire and good pleasure? David’s answer to this question in Psalms 15 is a good man, not an evil man, […]

What is God’s will for us? How can we be one with His will for us?(conference in Paris May 2011)

Praise the Lord, I was encouraged in the recent conference we had in Paris that our God has His own will! Sometimes we are following our natural concept and thinking and ask ourselves, What’s the will of God for me? What is God’s will for my life? What does God want me to do? The answer […]