in the meetings the Firstborn Son sings praises to the Father in our praises!

Even though the book of Psalms concludes with Hallelujah! to the Lord and we saw yesterday that everything that has breath is praising the Lord, what about us – do we live a life of praise? Do we praise the Lord from the very moment we wake up in the morning? Do we praise the […]

God will recover His full title and right over the earth through Christ’s reign

In psalm after psalm we see how God’s intention is clearly to recover the earth and bring it under His rule – read how Psalms 2-22 and Psalms 24-89 show us that Christ will possess the earth and will rule through the church over the whole earth. The subject of the Psalms can be incapsulated […]

the earth will be recovered and God will reign in Christ and through the church

The entire book of Psalms shows us that God desires to recover the earth through His reigning in Christ and in His kingdom. Even though the earth is today under the usurping hand of Satan, being illegally and improperly used by God’s enemy for his evil purposes, God desires and will obtain the earth to […]

taking God as our dwelling place by abiding in Christ and being in Christ

To take God as our habitation, to take God as our dwelling place, is actually the highest and the fullest experience of God. Everything we are and do is in our dwelling place and for our dwelling place – it is here we live, we eat, we drink, we rest, we have our being, and it is this place that we beautify, we improve, and we love. It is the same with God – in God as our dwelling place we eat God, enjoy God, drink God, and we have our living with all the details of our daily experience IN GOD! We take God as our dwelling place in a practical way by being identified with Christ! [continue reading online]

at His second return Christ will recover the earth and solve all the problems of humanity!

There are so many problems in this world – there are many vices, the political system is very unhealthy, there are many contradictions in the human institutions, the future looks gloomy… The more people consider this situation, the more they are confused – and the more problems come! How can someone survive in the next generation? There is food shortage, there’s much injustice, the prisons are full with people, there are crisis between nations, cultures, races, religions, etc … What should our attitude be as Christians, as believers in Christ? Hallelujah, God has prepared a solution for all these problems! It is not through our doing something today outwardly, but it is at the Lord’s second return that all these problems will be solved! [continue reading this portion inspired from brother Andrew Yu’s sharing in the Crystallization Study of Psalms (2)]

seeing the reigning Christ as unveiled in Psalm 72 and choosing to take the way of the ministry

We may be touched by the Lord to be vital with the saints in our home meeting, or we may be involved in serving with the students and the young ones – but do we take the way of the ministry? As the Lord reveals it to us in His Word, do we take the way of being produced as ministers? We all need to pray, Lord, give me the experiences I need that will produce this ministry! There is a great price to pay even to produce a small measure of the Lord’s ministry. The Lord wants to have a group of brothers and sisters who have been broken, dealt with, consumed, crossed out, terminated, reconstituted, resurrected, and blended together – to produce the ministry!