our mingled spirit is a spirit of faith and the way for us to abide in the Lord

Today, we are so privileged to know that the spirit of faith here refers to our spirit mingled with the Holy Spirit! Faith is not in our mind – rather, what we have in our mind what we have is just doubts. Faith is in our spirit because it is mingled with the Holy Spirit! We must exercise such a spirit of faith to believe and speak (see Psa. 116:19 and 2 Cor. 4:13). Faith is a reaction to the appearing of God, and it is absolutely of our spirit. In our spirit we can know God and it is here that we need to live a crucified life in resurrection, just like the apostles did for the carrying out of their ministry (see note 2 in 2 Cor. 4:13). [continue reading online]

The Central Line of the Bible – The Triune God! Our God is One yet Three, He is Triune!

These days we’re enjoying the Central Line of the Bible – the central line of the divine revelation in the Holy Scriptures. Yesterday we saw that the first item in the Central Line of the Bible is the Word of God – the expression, definition, and explanation of God. Today we are enjoying the second […]

sharing from the winter school of truth – the Triune God and the Person and the Work of Christ

In the Winter School of Truth there are both young people and some “serving ones”, some saints that willingly give themselves to serve and help with the younger ones. In the messages and the group times, we all participate in the enjoyment of the rich messages / rich speaking, and so we all enjoy and […]