Fighting to have a Quality Time with the Lord in the Morning

It is always a fight to have a quality time with the Lord. Lately in the mornings, I spend some time praying and reading the Bible, but, because the rest of the house is sleeping when I get up, I have to do it quietly. I usually take 10 to 15 minutes and pray through […]

My Experience of Practicing Morning Revival and Preparing to Prophesy on Lord’s Day

The importance and benefits of morning revival are repeatedly stressed in the churches and among the saints in the Lord’s Recovery. This practice not only takes care of our personal relationship with the Lord, but also allows for the healthy teaching and solid food being assimilated at bite-size portions, regularly, and in line with the […]

Being People of Incense who Inwardly Contact the Lord and Pray one with Christ

All believers in Christ are priests to God, and one of the most important things in serving as a priest is to spend time with the Lord. We all know that we need to have such a time with our dear Lord Jesus, but again and again, as things press upon us, this time is […]

A Priest is in the Process of being Mingled with God in his Daily Christian Life

According to the entire Bible, a priest is not one who mainly does things for God to serve Him but one who is absolutely and thoroughly mingled with God. When a priest entered into the tabernacle and passed through the Holy Place to enter the Holy of Holies in God’s presence, he was “smoked” with […]

Being Renewed Day by Day to have God’s Element Added to us and Live in Resurrection

In order for us to live in resurrection, we must be renewed day by day with the fresh supply of resurrection life (2 Cor. 4:16). God is new, His life is new, resurrection is new, and everything about God is new; we are old, getting older, and dying, and nothing we can do in and […]

Being Self-Sacrificing Persons with the Spirit of Martyrdom for God’s Satisfaction

Daniel and his three companions are a pattern to us as self-sacrificing person with a spirit of martyrdom. They didn’t care for the king’s decree of the punishment if they don’t obey him – they loved God more and feared more of offending God than offending the king. Daniel went to his room and prayed […]

What does it mean to give the Lord the preeminence, the first place, in everything?

To give the Lord the first place in our life practically means to repent and do the first works. Rev. 2:5 warns us that if we don’t repent and do the first works, the Lord will remove the lampstand. These works issue from our first love for the Lord – they are a work issuing from a heart filled with zeal for the Lord’s love, and this is precious in the Lord’s eyes. We love the Lord so much that we just do the first works – and they come out of our zeal, our love for Him! In that day, when we will stand before God at His judgement seat, He will appreciate how much of what we have done out of love for Him. Only those things we do motivated by our love for the Lord are considered gold, silver, and precious stones. If we don’t do these works, the Lord will take the lampstand! Whatever we do in the church life, we need to love the Lord and do the first works – and we will be a corporate expression of the Triune God everywhere on the earth as the golden lampstands! [continue reading online – 12 ways we can give the Lord the preeminence in our life]