Contacting the Living Lord to be Infused with Him as Faith and be Perfected in Faith

Our Lord Jesus is the Author of our faith, and He is the Perfecter of our faith; He is the Originator of our faith, and He is the Completer of our faith, and when we look away unto Him, we are infused with Him as faith continually to run the race with endurance and finish […]

Learning and Fighting to be Revived Every Morning in God’s Word

I love the Lord Jesus, therefore I must meet Him every morning. During this personal time with the Lord I am learning that God is good for food and that all Scripture is God-breathed. I contact the Lord every morning by calling on His name. I was led this morning to go to the word […]

Going into the Presence of the Lord and Praying until we have His Leading where to go

We can never overstress the importance of being in the presence of the Lord and enquiring of Him concerning His leading in the matter of our participation in the Lord’s ultimate move; we need to go to the Lord and pray to have the Lord’s leading and follow the Spirit where He leads us. In the […]

We must Honor the Lord as the Head of the Body, Praying until We’re Clear about His Leading

In our cooperation with the Lord for His ultimate move we need to honor the Lord as the Head of the Body by spending much time with Him, waiting on Him, not taking any decisions without Him, and pray to Him as the Lord of the harvest to thrust out workers in His harvest. The […]

Being in the Living Move of the Holy Spirit by having a Personal Contact with the Lord

The Lord today has an ultimate move in this world’s ultimate situation, and we in the church life in the Lord’s recovery need to realize that we should not be in a movement but rather we need to allow the Spirit to take the lead, do the work and the speaking, and we should be […]

Having a Living Touch with the Lord to be Revived and Live the Revival

Every living thing in the universe desires to be revived and restored, and the entire creation groans and travails in pain together until now, eagerly awaiting to be freed from the slavery of corruption (see Rom. 8:20-22). Since Adam fell and brought the entire old creation into the fall, there has been in all of […]

being a Christian Student on the Campus – the fellowship with other students is encouraging

The thing that has really kept me going through the whole semester has been living in the brothers’ house next to the campus. Whenever things are tough or I just need to pray or read something I can touch the Lord with one of the brothers [continue reading online]