We need to Cooperate with the Lord through Prayer to Carry out His Move on Earth

The highest cooperation we can render the Lord for His move today is through prayer; we need to cooperate with the Lord through prayer to carry out His move, acting together with the acting God for the accomplishment of His economy (as seen in Acts). First of all, for us to participate in the Lord’s […]

Being Joined to God’s desire through His Word to Pray Prayers of God’s Economy

The best cooperation and service we can render to God is in prayer; we need to be joined to God’s desire and pray prayers initiated by God to echo what He is praying in the heavens. There are a few verses in the New Testament where there Lord is seemingly giving us the key to getting all […]

Being and Praying for the Overcomers who are One with God to Cooperate with His Move

God can do much more through our prayer than through our work and words; we need to be the overcomers of today who serve God by praying according to His heart and will. In this universe there’s the divine will, the satanic will, and the human will; our will is not “free” – we need to willingly […]

Cooperating with our Ascended Head to Pray in Oneness with Him for His Glorious Church

If we see that Christ, the Head of the Body, has ascended and was exalted by God to the highest point in the universe, being given the name above every name and being made Lord of all, our prayer to the Lord will change. All believers in Christ need to have the clear realization that […]

Cooperating with the Lord by Exercising our Spirit to Pray and Put the Flesh to Death

In Exodus 17 Amalek and his people came to fight the people of Israel as they were on their journey to the good land to fulfill God’s purpose. Amalek didn’t just attack the people of Israel but they had a hand against the throne of God. Amalek tried to overthrow God’s throne, just as Satan […]

Singing to the Well and Digging Away all the Dirt in our Being so that Life may Flow

God’s desire is to be the fountain of living waters to His people for them to drink, have their thirst quenched, and spontaneously live a life for God’s purpose. In order to become the fountain of living waters to us, God became a man and, in Christ, He was smitten on the cross (as the […]

Cooperating with Christ’s Intercession to Defeat God’s Enemies for Christ’s Return

After Abraham defeated the four kings and was on his way back with the spoil and all the people, someone called “Melchizedek” met him and blessed him. This Melchizedek was a priest of God the Most High, and he was the king of Salem; this one brought out bread and wine and blessed Abraham and […]