Crystallization Study of the Psalms(1) – the 2011 Summer Training Banners

This short article wants to present the full text of the banners for the 2011 summer training, general subject: Psalms(1), the Crystallization Study(the first part of the Crystallization-study on the book of Psalms). It is recommended that you buy the Morning Revival on the Psalms(Crystallization study) via the Living Stream Ministry website/store, read portions of enjoyment from the […]

the central thought of the book of Psalms is Christ and the church as the house and the city of God

Praise the Lord for the book of the Psalms! Just like most believers, I also love this book – every psalm brings me closer to God. It is so sweet to read psalms and love the Lord more, or at least to be ministered to in the situation or condition you’re in… According to our […]

God’s shining in our hearts brings into us a priceless treasure – the Christ of glory!

This morning I was freshly impressed and supplied at the same time with God’s desire to shine in our hearts! In the Old Testament He was shining over people, mainly outwardly, but now in the New Testament, He can shine in our hearts! Without the Lord shining in us, we are in darkness; any part […]

sharing from the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah(2) – drinking Christ and being in the jubilee (part 2)

This sharing is the second part of sister Rona’s summary of what she enjoyed in the recent video training on the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah(2) – the last messages in the training. Two times a year we have these trainings where we get into the crystallization-study of a book in the Bible, and we have just […]

sharing from the crystallization-study of Isaiah(2) – the all-inclusive Christ as seen in Isaiah(part 1)

Without any doubt, the riches of our Lord Jesus Christ are truly immeasurable, boundless and eternal. The past Winter Video Training focusing on the book of Isaiah proved that even more. In my whole experience as a Christian, I can admit that it is only now, after this video training, that I began to understand […]

Hallelujah, we are the new creation, where everything is new because God in it is new!

Hallelujah, we’re no longer only the old creation – we now have God in us! It is so good to be reminded what the new creation is, and that we need to live in the reality of the new creation today! I enjoyed this so much in the second message from the video training on […]

the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah(2) – the 2010 Winter Training Banners

In December 2010 there was the Winter Training(one of the seven annual feasts) – and so here are the banners for the second part of the training on the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah. To find out more updates and enjoyment from the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah, read the articles tagged with: crystallization study of Isaiah, training banners, the fruit of […]