having a life of praising the Lord to defeat His enemy and bring in God’s kingdom

The book of Psalms is a book of praise, and our Christian life should be a life full of praise and even a life of praising the Lord. If we were to check with ourselves, did we praise the Lord every day this past week? Did we praise the Lord every day this past month? […]

the highest work carried out by God’s children is to praise the Lord!

What is the highest work a Christian can do? It is not merely praying or doing a lot of things for the Lord, but it is praising. When we praise the Lord, we enthrone Him and we exalt Him. The highest work carried out by God’s children is praise – the highest expression of a […]

being identified with Christ to dwell in God and see the extension of our days

There are so many wonderful things that we enjoy when we are in this sweet identification with Christ! Psalm 91 speaks of Christ, the One who lived a life fully one with the Father and took God as His dwelling place. In identification with Christ, we also are under the keeping care of the angels, and we tread upon the enemy Satan (see Psa. 91:11-13 and Matt. 4:6). The way we defeat Satan, the serpent that poisons God’s people and the lion that devours God’s people is by being identified with Christ! In Christ we overcome the enemy and we tread upon his head. [read more online]

out of the mouths of babes and sucklings You have established praise – to stop Your enemy!

Praise the Lord! Praaaaaiseee the Loooooord! This morning I was so encouraged to come to the Lord again and ask Him, Lord, make me a babe and a suckling, one who is weak and depending on Your, yet who praises You to stop and defeat Your enemy! After seeing that God’s desire is to recover […]