Living a Self-Denying Life under the Heavenly Vision to Bring in God’s Kingdom

In the beginning of Genesis we see that God created man in His image and according to His likeness, and He intended that man would express Him and represent Him (Gen. 1:26-28). Then, at the end of Genesis, we see Jacob who expressed God in His image and, through Joseph, represented God with His dominion […]

God Needs to Gain a Dispensational Instrument for Him to Turn this Age!

What God desires today is to turn this age from the age of the church to the age of the kingdom. We are here on earth for this, and we are in the Lord’s recovery for such a high purpose – to be one with the Lord to turn the age from the age of […]

Being the Overcomers who Fight the Spiritual Warfare to Hasten the Lord’s Coming

Our Christian life and church life today toward the end of this age is in the middle of a spiritual warfare. We need to be watchful and on the alert to know what the enemy is doing and what’s he up to, and bind him, limit his activities, and inflict loss on his kingdom. The […]

A Proper Church is a Praying Church: We Need to First of All Pray!

This week we are getting into the matter of a praying church in the unique stream of God’s work. We are living at the end of this age, and our ministry as the church is to pray so that we may inflict damage and loss on Satan’s kingdom and we may bring in God’s kingdom. […]

we are the generation the Lord wants to use to bring Him back! (2011 winter school)

During this Winter School of Truth I really enjoyed touching the matter of the Spirit and the preaching of the gospel. This generation – our generation – is the generation the Lord wants to use to bring Him back. We have to say, “Lord, use me!” What’s holding me back? It’s NOW and it’s US! We must be willing to be used by God and we NEED to be stepping stones for His move. We have to allow Him to use us as His dispensational instrument that He may speak through us… Young people, do you know why you’re placed in your schools? Well, we are placed at different schools by the Lord so that we could be shining luminaries, shining forth the gospel to our friends! We are the ones who are able to speak to our friends! [read more online this short sharing from a sister who recently attended the Winter School of Truth in London, UK]

being helped in reading the Bible consistently with the brothers by using

These past few months I really enjoyed texting, emailing, or writing on facebook / twitter to remind my companions to read their portion of the Word and update it on the website! I may be at home and the brothers may be in their homes / dorms – but we can pursue the Lord by reading of the Word consistently and regularly! [read more online]

we need to eat Christ as the Lamb of God with all the saints in the house of God!(2011 Poland camp)

This Poland camp I was very touched that the Lord is ready to come – He is eager to come, but He needs a dispensational instrument to turn this age! The enemy is working against God’s will and his strategy is to interrupt our cooperation with the Lord according to His desire. Today’s world is Satan’s system […]