Seeing the Expressions of the Self to Deny the Self for the Building of the Church

The Lord Jesus said that, if we want to follow Him, we should deny the self; today we want to see what are some expressions of the self and how we can exercise the key of denying the self to lock up the self in every situation. What is the self, and why do we […]

The Triune God is Dispensing Himself into His People to gain His Corporate Expression

When the glory of God filled the tabernacle and the cloud descended upon the tent of meeting in Exo. 40, God has finally obtained a dwelling place on earth among His people for His corporate expression; the Triune God is dispensing Himself into His people to make them His corporate expression, His house, His dwelling […]

We are Children of Light Walking in the Light and Lighting the Lamps as we Meet

This week we are enjoying a particular wonderful matter in Exodus which is lighting the lamps in the sanctuary of God, which is done by those serving as priests clothed with the glorious garments (typifying the expression of Christ). After God finished speaking concerning the tabernacle and the furniture, and just before the introduction of […]

God needs Man to Exercise his Spirit and his Will to Pray according to God’s Will

Our service to God as priests is by prayer, and this prayer needs to be according to His heart and will; to have such a prayer, we need to allow the Spirit to mingle our desires with His desires, lead our thoughts into His thoughts, and imprint His desires and thoughts into us so that […]

5 Main Ways to Enjoy the Humanity of Jesus in our Christian Life and Church Life

As believers in Christ, our emphasis in our Christian life and service is not on outward things such as eating, drinking, behavior, or anything of this kind; our emphasis is on Christ, our mingled spirit, the church life, and the Body of Christ. If we pay attention to the intrinsic things such as enjoying the […]

Seeing how the World Situation is the Indicator of the Lord’s Move on Earth

In serving the Lord we all need to be perfected by Him so that we may serve Him in an intrinsic way according to His desire. We need to realize that today in Christianity there are many who think they are “serving God” but they do not have a proper knowledge or experience of the […]

The Way to Fulfill God’s Economy is by Christ as the Sevenfold Intensified Spirit

As believers in Christ we are all serving ones: we have been saved by Christ to serve God, and we need to serve God in an up-to-date way by knowing the age, by realizing the way Christ fulfills His economy, and by spreading the truths of His recovery for His coming back. We need to […]