The Pathway of Life: Experiencing the Cross so that God’s Life is Lived out in us

As believers in Christ, we need to see the pathway of life – which is narrow and constricted, allow the discipline of the Holy Spirit to work in us, and see a vision of how the life of God can be lived out of us. Even though God’s life came into us at the time […]

Living by the Divine Life, with an Uplifted Humanity, by the Cross in the Church life

It is so amazing to realize that the church is not only the gathering of God’s called out ones but also an organism with two lives and two natures – the human nature and the divine nature, and therefore we should be those living by the divine life in the church life today. The epistle […]

Denying the Self and Walking by the Spirit to Coordinate with Others in the Body

This week we have been prayerfully considering the coordination among the four living creatures in Ezek. 1; in a practical way, for us to coordinate with others we need to deny our self, live and act by God’s grace, walk by the Spirit and according to the spirit, and be one with the coordinating Triune […]

The Basis of Genuine Service is Knowing the Cross to Allow the Divine Fire to Burn in us

So many people today “serve God” but without the divine fire and without knowing the cross; some serve God as a proffession, others serve Him from time to time, while even others serve Him as a duty, outwardly. But the service that God desires to receive from us is simply our placing ourselves on the […]

Eating Christ as the Meal Offering in His Word to Live out His Human Living Today

The humanity that we as believers in Christ should have in serving God is the humanity of Christ, which is not merely a perfect humanity but a humanity mingled with divinity; the proper humanity we need in serving God is divinity mingled with humanity for the expressing of the divine attributes in the human virtues. […]

Learning the Lesson of the Cross Daily to Deal with the Flesh and Live within the Veil

Israel defeating Amalek in Exo. 17, the continual war between Israel and Amalek throughout the Old Testament, and God’s commandment to exterminate Amalek because they had a hand against God – all these show us that today, in our Christian life, God hates the flesh, He wants to exterminate the flesh, and there’s a continual […]

knowing the pathway of life: death is the way for God’s life to be released

The Christian life is a life and a living on the pathway of life; as Christians and as followers of the Lord Jesus we need to enter through the narrow gate and walk on the constricted way which leads to life (see Matt. 7:13-14). What is this pathway of life? We have the divine life […]