The Church is the present Sabbath Rest and the Unshakable Kingdom of God today

The church is the enlargement of Christ, and, as revealed in Hebrews, the church is the real Sabbath rest and the church is the unshakable kingdom of God; coming to the church is coming to the new covenant and to the heavenly New Jerusalem. There are many wonderful and glorious aspects of the church revealed […]

The One sitting on the Throne has the Appearance of a Man: a God-man is on the Throne

It is marvelous to realize that the One on the throne has the appearance of a man (Ezek. 1:26) – a God-man is on the throne! This shows that God wants man to be on the throne, and for this He Himself became a man, and He wants an enlargement of Christ to rule and reign […]

As the One holding the Key of David, Christ Makes us a Part of the New Jerusalem

To the church in Philadelphia the Lord introduces Himself as the Holy One, the true One, the One who has the key of David, the One who opens and no one will shut, and shuts and no one opens (Rev. 3:4); the fact that Christ has the key of David is very meaningful, for this […]

To Shepherd according to God is to Minister the Processed God Constituted into us

To shepherd according to God (1 Pet. 5:2) requires that we become one with God, we are constituted with God, we live God, we represent God, and we minister God. We can shepherd according to God only by becoming the same as He is in life, nature, expression, and function. First, we need to be […]

The Priesthood and the Kingship are for God’s Expression and His Representation

God’s intention in creating man is that man would express Him with His image and represent Him with His dominion; the priesthood causes man to have the image of God and the kingship causes man to have the dominion of God to accomplish God’s original intention (Gen. 1:26). God created man in His image and […]

We were Created for the Purpose of Expressing God and Exercising His Dominion

In concluding our crystallization-study of Genesis we need to see what this book is about in its entirety. The book of Genesis begins and ends with image and dominion: in the beginning we see God creating man in His image and giving him dominion over all things, and at the end we see Jacob who […]

Our Birthright as Men and Believers is to Enjoy God, Express God, and Represent God

God created man in His image and according to His likeness so that man would express God with His image and represent Him with His authority (Gen. 1:26). By birth every human being has a birthright to express God and represent God. We are made for this; we are born of our human parents on […]