We are Serving God by Feasting with God to Enjoy God with God and to Worship God

Knowing God and knowing God’s ways leads us to serving God; we are saved by God and delivered by Him from the usurpation of the world so that we may serve God. The matter of serving God is a grand subject in the Bible, and this week we are approaching it in the context of […]

You spread a table before me in the presence of my adversaries; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over

 Psa. 23:5 is the fourth stage of the deeper and higher enjoyment of the resurrected Christ, where the Lord spreads a table before us in the presence of our adversaries and He anoints our head with oil, our cup runs over! What a rich portion! What a rich Christ! Right after our passing through the […]

I no longer want to be under Satan’s grip: I decide to be a Nazarite! (sharing from the Poland camp)

Every year we have the privilege of being with the Lord on the mountain – almost literally, in the mountains of Tatry in Poland, in a small village in Male Ciche, with hundreds of young lovers of the Lord! Coming from Europe mainly and also from other continents, we spend one whole week going through […]