the desire of God’s heart is set on Zion with Christ – will you be an overcomer?

the desire of God's heart is set on Zion with Christ - will you be an overcomer?Zion is central on God’s heart because this is where Christ is installed King. God’s heart focuses on nothing but Christ – Matt. 17 tells us that Christ is God’s Beloved Son, the One in whom God’s heart is. Zion is beautiful in elevation, the joy of the whole earth (Psa. 48:1-2), the highest point in the city of Jerusalem, the place where the Holy of Holies is. Within Jerusalem there’s a city – the city of Zion – the highest peak, where Christ Himself is, and this peak is our spirit! Whenever we praise the elevated Christ, we automatically become part of the elevated city, Zion!

everything is for God to obtain Zion

We are saved for Zion, for the kingdom of God! The purpose of salvation, as revealed in the whole gospel of Matthew, is the kingdom of God. We are not just saved and restored but we are becoming people of the kingdom of God – we are being constituted with Christ Himself to become His enlargement, His house, His city, to be one with Him as His testimony on the earth! Christ is the King, and He as the life-giving Spirit is working Himself into us as the kingdom, so that He may be enlarged, expanded, and expressed through His people for His city and for the earth!

The focus of the Lord’s recovery is to make us the elevated peak, the holy city of Zion, by constituting us with Christ for the testimony of Jesus. In Matt. 16 we have “the Christ”, “My church”, “the keys of the kingdom”, and “bind on the earth” – Christ builds up the church (the house of God) which is the city of God (the kingdom of God) to gain the whole earth! For the Lord to gain Zion is a great matter – as we see this vision and we cooperate with Him to gain this elevated city, we become and live in this city, He has a way to genuinely take over this usurped earth!

His foundation is in the holy mountains

All the local churches on the earth are the holy mountains, and Christ is the unique foundation (1 Cor. 3:11). Christ is the living, organic, growing, spreading, and dispensing foundation – He makes us the same as He is! He is Holy and He makes us the holy mountains! By experiencing this Christ and His dispensing, by enjoying Him, we become the holy mountains. The holy mountains here are the many churches that are constituted with Christ as the Holy One. God’s city is constituted with nothing but Christ!

Christ is the living foundation, and this foundation grows! Usually a foundation is static, a base, with the house on top of it; but in 1 Cor. 3 we see that we are God’s cultivated land and we are the plants – but God gives the growth! Right after speaking about this, Paul continued with, Christ is the only foundation and we need to “bear fruit” with gold, silver, and precious stones! Christ is the living foundation, and the entire building comes out of this foundation – this foundation grows!

holding the Head is building on the foundation

How do we build on Christ as the foundation? It is by allowing Christ to make His home in our being (Eph. 3:14-17) so that He becomes the materials to build the church. God desires that we all would experience Christ and allow Him to make His home in our heart. Also, we need to hold Christ as the Head (Col. 2:19) – the foundation is the Head, and out of this foundation the living Body of Christ grows! The foundation is not under us but over us – Christ is the living, organic, moving, and dispensing foundation!

By holding Christ as the Head, we experience Him as the foundation! Oh, Lord Jesus, I love You! Lord, keep me one spirit with You every moment! – as we open to Him and enjoy Him in such a way, He is very busy to constitute us with Himself! The highest principle in the church life is holding Christ as the Head by giving Him the preeminence. Lord, You are Number One! You are my first and best love! We hold Him as the Head and love Him as the foundation, and He makes us the church, the pillar and base of the truth, His duplication! Awesome!

Jehovah loves the gates of Zion

Psa. 87:2 says that Jehovah loves the gates of Zion more than the tents of Jacob. The gates signify fellowship – God is faithful, who called us into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord (1 Cor. 1:9). We need to be “loaded with gates” – we are not for our own dwelling place but we are for the gates of Zion, God’s desire and His interest. He wants us to have a gate-life in the fellowship with the all-inclusive Christ and with all the saints in oneness!

1 Cor. 1:9 speaks of the fellowship with God, and v. 10 speaks of the fellowship with the saints, especially about seeking to have the oneness. Fellowship is related to oneness, and where there’s the gates of Zion, there’s oneness. To have the gates of Zion in our living, to live in fellowship, means that we’re in fellowship vertically with the Lord as the Head of the Body and horizontally with the saints as the Body of the Head. Zion is a fellowship city, and the New Jerusalem is loaded with gates! If we don’t have the gates of Zion, we are under the attack of the gates of Hades (see Matt. 16).

Glorious things are spoken of you, O city of God!

Because we are constituted with Christ to be the city of God, this will issue in the whole earth speaking good things about the city of God! The Lord needs not only the house for His rest and satisfaction but also the city for His dominion, a city full of Him as the living foundation and one with Him by being saturated with Him as the indwelling One, full of gates! Heb. 12:22 says that you have come to Mt Zion – every time we come to the Triune God in our spirit, we come to Mount Zion, the universal gathering! Lord, I want to be in my spirit moment by moment!

The key to becoming an overcomer is to give the Lord the preeminence, the first and best love! Loving the Lord, eating the Lord, and being His testimony (see Rev. 2) go together – this is the key to being an overcomer! We are not the super-giants spiritually (Rev. 3:8), but we have little power and don’t deny His name! It is out of the mouths of babes and sucklings that God has established praise (Psa. 8). Will You be an overcomer? AMEN! Will YOU make this choice? AMEN! Lord, make me an overcomer!

[sharing inspired from message 3 in the 2011 winter training on, The Crystallization-Study of the Psalms (part 2), given by brother Dick Taylor. Title: God’s desire for Zion with Christ. There’s so much more in this message, but this is just a little bit of the enjoyment… (read also a portion via, God’s desire is for Zion with Christ)]

building up Christ in our experience so that we may enter into Him and abide in Him

building up Christ in our experience so that we may enter into Him and abide in HimThese past few days we’re enjoying the fact that we need to daily work out our own salvation by building up Christ in our experience. Just like Noah built up the ark, we are building up a practical and present Christ today in the church life. Just like Noah entered into the ark after he built it, we also are entering into the Christ we have built up in our experience!

This is what the Lord means when He says in John 15:4-5,

Abide in Me and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit; for apart from Me you can do nothing.

We need to abide in the Lord – but what is He to us? Is He real, practical, and present? Or maybe we didn’t spend time with Him for a while now and so when we come to abide in Him, He seems so distant and not-so-real… We must have Christ built up in our experience so that we may enter into Him as our salvation!

If we work together with the Lord in our daily experience, we will surely build up something of Christ, and eventually we will get into what we have built up, and we will dwell in Christ as our enjoyment! We need to have Christ in our experience daily – we need to have Christ built up in our experience. “To have Christ built up in our experience” – sounds strange, but this next paragraph from, The Divine Dispensing of the Divine Trinity (by brother Lee), helped me understand it:

If you spend from Monday through Saturday loving the Lord, fellowshipping with Him, living by Him, and walking together with Him, surely on the Lord’s Day you would have the deep sensation that you are in Christ. You would have a practical and present Christ for you to abide in… But when you love Him and fellowship with Him and live by Him and walk with Him day after day and hour after hour, you build Him up in your experience. You build up a Christ in your experience for you to enter into as your salvation. We all need to build up Christ.

May we not “miss it” – may we not “miss the mark” by “missing Christ” in our daily life! May we turn to Him and enjoy Him all throughout the day! The Lord brings about circumstances and people to constrain us, in His love, to open to Him and enjoy Him. The solution to our problems is just this wonderful person of the Lord Jesus – He is the answer, He is the solution, and He is everything we need!

As we love Him and enjoy Him, as we spend time with Him, He is being built up in our experience day by day! Then, we can enter into this Christ as our salvation – since He has been built up in us little by little day by day! Don’t look at your failures (they will keep coming again and again) or your shortcomings (we have so many of these!) – look to the Lord Jesus and touch Him whenever something happens or whenever nothing happens!

[Read this portion also in Spanish / Puede leer esta porción también en español, edificar a Cristo en nuestra experiencia para que podamos entrar en Él y permanecer en Él]

Lord, may we spend our days and hours and minutes and seconds loving You and enjoying You! Save us from missing the mark – save us from Not Enjoying You! Lord, we want to have You built up in our experience day by day! Keep us loving You! Keep us enjoying You! May we live by You and with You! Lord, we just want to be in You as our abode, our dwelling place!

This wonderful all-inclusive Christ as the compound Spirit becomes our replacement daily by firing us and replacing us with Himself!

The Christ revealed in the book of Isaiah specifically is so rich: He is not just the Redeemer and the Savior, but He is so much more! God’s economy is simply that this Wonderful Person, Christ, would be worked into our being little by little, so that He would replace us with Himself in an organic way and live out God’s expression in us! This Christ is the all-inclusive One – He is the reality of every positive thing in the universe!

Our Christ is so rich – He is both God and man, and He is the incarnation of the invisible God. In Him all the fullness was pleased to dwell(Col. 2:9). Actually, Christ is the real God and the real man – He possesses both the human virtues and the divine attributes. He is the reality of love, life, righteousness, light, grace, humility, patience, power, mercy, wisdom, holiness, wisdom, etc. All these things are merely empty human virtues unless Christ comes in to be the reality of all these things. Our Christ is “the real thing” when it comes to all the positive things in the universe.

And even more: in His resurrection, this Christ who is so all-inclusive became the life-giving Spirit(1 Cor. 15:45). Just as when He became man Christ embodied all that the Triune God is and has, so when He became the Spirit, Christ became the Spirit as a “compound” of all that He is, all He has, all He has passed through in His human living, His death, His resurrection, His ascension, and His enthronement! It’s all in the all-inclusive compound Spirit. Here in this Spirit we have God, man, incarnation, the perfect human living, the all-inclusive death of Christ, the life-imparting resurrection, the resurrection life, ascension, enthronement, headship, and the Lordship over all. This Spirit was poured out upon the Body at the day of Pentecost(on the Jewish side of the Body) and in the house of Cornelius(on the Gentile side of the Body) – once and for all! When we repent and believe into the Lord, we receive this all-inclusive compound Spirit. And it is God’s desire that His Christ as this wonderful Spirit be wrought into us for the fulfillment of His economy. God’s economy is fulfilled by this Christ as the Spirit within us, with us, and by us. We cannot fulfill God’s economy apart from Christ. Our efforts and desire to do this is simply not enough: Christ has to become our everything, He has to constitute and even replace us, so that He in us and with us will fulfill God’s heart’s desire!

We can see this replacing in Isaiah also, in the second section of the book: God hires some of the Gentile nations to come and deal with Israel, but because they are to greedy and harsh in dealing with Israel, God fires them. God hires the people of Israel to fulfill His purpose – but because they fail God and forget about Him, even offend Him by their actions and attitude, God fires the people of Israel. Eventually, the One “hired” by God – the only One qualified to fulfill God’s economy – is Christ, the all-inclusive One! Christ becomes the replacement of anyone else in the fulfillment of God’s economy! O, may this Christ as the all-inclusive compound Spirit become our replacement more today! As we eat and drink of Him, as we enjoy Him daily, and as we open our whole being to Him, He becomes our consitution in an organic way: He becomes even the fibers of our being, our intrinsic constitution! Lord, do replace us more – until it is no longer us but You! Lord, even the life we now live, we live in faith – this organic union with the compound Spirit in our spirit(Gal. 2:20)! Lord, Amen, keep us enjoying You as such an all-inclusive One today! [enjoyment from the Life-Study of Colossians as quoted in the Crystallization-study of Isaiah(1)]

being recovered to having the proper fear and respect for God that comes out of a spiritual knowledge of God

This morning I was enjoying the verses in Isaiah 11:2-5 in the morning revival on week 7 in the Crystallization-study of Isaiah(1), which say,

2. And the Spirit of Jehovah will rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, The Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and the fear of Jehovah.
3. He will delight in the fear of Jehovah: He will neither judge by what His eyes see, Nor decide by what His ears hear.
4. But He will judge the poor in righteousness, And decide with equity for the afflicted of the land. And He will strike the land with the rod of His mouth, And with the breath of His lips He will slay the wicked.
5. Righteousness will be that which girds His loins, And faithfulness will be that which girds His hips.

and I was particularly impressed with the fact that Christ was filled with the knowledge and fear of Jehovah. There was no other person in the history of mankind that knew God as much as the Lord Jesus did. Also, there was no other person in the history of the mankind that feared God more than Christ did. Before we were saved, we had no fear of God, and actually we were afraid of nothing – because we were ignorant. But from the time we were saved and Christ came into us, we began to be “spiritually educated”. As we daily fellowship with the Lord and get into His Word in a prayerful way, as we fellowship with the other believers in a regular way and stay in the Word of God, we receive a spiritual education and we acquire spiritual knowledge – we are in a process of knowing God. As we know God and love Him more, we have a healthy fear of God – that keeps us and preserves us.

This fear of God is not that particular fear that people are afraid of having, that is, a superstitious fear of the almighty God who will strike you down if you do something bad, but it is a proper fear of God coming from the proper knowledge of God. The more we know a person, the more we don’t do things that this particular person does not like us to do. The more we know God, the more we see Him in what He is and He does, the more we won’t do some things, say some things, and behave in a certain way – because of respect to Him. Other people around us may do certain things or go to certain places – with no remorse or consciousness of anything. But we can’t go to some places, we can’t speak in a certain way, we can’t buy certain things that are according to the modern fashion of this age, and we can’t do certain things because we fear God. Actually, His Spirit of knowledge and fear of Jehovah rests upon us, as it abode with the Lord Jesus. We love the Lord, we respect Him, and we learn to do everything in oneness with Him. Also, in oneness with Him and out of a proper respect towards Him, we simply cannot do some things/go some places. Why? Because we love God. Because we love Him so much and we don’t want to loose His presence, His smile, His sweet appearing.

This fear of Jehovah is a great preservation to us. Also, it is a great step towards the restoration of all things. Today in the world there is no fear of God, people have no consciousness of God(this is part of the blinding work of the god of this age), and the whole world is decaying and going down in immorality. But we are being restored to God, we’re being recovered to His intention, even to His purpose in creating man – to receive God, contain God, be filled with God, and express God. On the way of us being recovered, one very important item is having a proper fear of God, a proper respect for God – out of a proper spiritual knowledge of God. Just like the verse says, The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom(Prov. 9:10). The more we know God, the more we fear Him in a proper way. Lord, recover us to such a holy respect, reverence, and regard for You! [read this portion in Spanish also via Ser recobrado hacia un temor apropiado y un respeto por Dios que proviene de un conocimiento espiritual de Dios]

enjoyment from “The way to do the work of an evangelist(2)”, podcast 20 at

Did you manage to listen to podcast #20 from The title is “The Way to do the work of an Evangelist(2)” – Doing the work of an evangelist may seem like a difficult and intimidating task. However, the ministry of the age presents us with the practical way to accomplish this, and that way may be easier than you think. You can listen to this podcast online or download it as an mp3 here. In this podcast brother Tom Goetz reveals two more steps of this way presented in the ministry – we are given the steps we must take in order to do the work of an evangelist and to be the overcomers in this age. [sharing by sister Grace]

We have been given the trained way on how to do work of an evangelist. The situation of this age requires us to do this work. It preserves us, and it keeps us fresh. We have to become active in the gospel, to “do business while the Lord is coming,” by doing the work of an evangelist. There is a definite, clear way that we have been given, four main steps that we can take. These require a great deal of exercise.

1. In Revelation 2:4 the Lord says:

But I have one thing against you, that you have left your first love.

This was written to the church in Ephesus. The church in Ephesus was in danger of losing their first love. Although they were a proper church, they had lost the one thing that qualified them to be the bride – their absolute love for the Lord. Other things came in instead. We must ask ourselves: Is the Lord the first in our lives? Do we love Him above all things? We need to say: “Lord Jesus, I love You best. I love You with my first love.” We must be stirred up in our first love for the Lord through repenting prayers.

2. We must then make a thorough confession to the Lord. Our confession must start with these three things: deadness, lukewarmness and barrenness.
DeadnessEvery one of us need to deal with our deadness, the things that have quenched our love for the Lord. Deadness is more defiling than sin, and it is more hated by God than sin. We may be focused on our mistakes, but our real condition may be one of deadness. Revelation 3:1 says:

And to the messenger of the church in Sardis write: These things says He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars: I know your works, that you have a name that you are living, and yet you are dead.

The Church in Sardis has been married to the world. The world is part of Satan’s strategy to kill us and to kill our function. Just being and living in this age makes us dead. We have to repent: “Lord, I’m so sorry, I’m so dead.”
LukewarmnessThe second thing is lukewarmness. This is the lukewarmness of Laodicea. Revelation tells us that they are proud, and have need of nothing. They do not know that they are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. This is a situation where you think you are okay, but you actually are lukewarm. Can we say that we are burning for the Lord? Romans 12:11 says: “Do not be slothful in zeal, but be burning in spirit, serving the Lord.” We must repent and become exceedingly burning. We have to get on fire. We cannot be lukewarm; otherwise we will be swallowed up by this age. We need to confess our lukewarmness, which comes from our opinions and loving ourselves. We must pray: “Lord, save me from my lukewarmness, burn me, Lord, shine on me.
Barrenness –  as shared in the previous podcast, we need to see that our bearing fruit is much under God’s standard – check with yourself, how many people have you brought to the Lord recently? We may not see it as being something “bad”, but for God it is serious – all the branches that are in the vine and do not bear fruit will be cut off and burned in fire!

3. We must enter into close intimate fellowship with the Lord and with companions. We need to spend time to fellowship about being a seed of the gospel, doing business for the Lord and about bearing fruit. We must do this with companions, and we must even demand of the Lord to give us some companions, with whom we could pray over the things that the Lord has been showing us or pray over some names together. We are not here by ourselves. We need companions. And these companions may not be our age. The Lord may lead us to our parents, to some college students, to our siblings, or even to a couple in the church life. Our companions may even be younger than us. We must regularly get together, by phone, or even Skype if they are far away. We have to do this because this is the trained way – this is the best way!

4. When we get to this point, we have to give the Lord our absolute consecration:

Lord, I give myself to You absolutely; I give myself to You in a definite way to be a fruit bearing branch in the vine tree, in the church life. Lord, I consecrate myself to You for this.

How do I know if I am in the flesh or in the spirit? Knowing the inner sense of life…

This has been a puzzling question to myself. Perhaps, most of us, though we’ve been in the church life for quite some time and have some growth and experience of the Lord, at some point we’re brought to a place of wondering in our being asking ourselves, “Am I in the flesh or in my spirit?

Recently, I stumbled upon the Ministry Magazine on the Crystallization study of the Gospel in God in Romans. Divine light started to illuminate in my being regarding this matter of being in our spirit. As I was reading a few pages through chapter 11 of the book, words came forth as trickles of living water supplying life and light, “For the mind set on the flesh is death and the mind set on the spirit is life and peace” (Romans 8:6).

Life, referring to the zoe life, is the uncreated, indestructible divine life of God which is represented by the tree of life is the life that is referred to in this verse. Whenever we enjoy this life, there is the sense of life, a sense characterized by a feeling of satisfaction, strengthening, refreshment, being watered, enlightenment, anointing and flowing. There is also the sense of peace, comfort, harmony, rest, joy and liberty. In contrast, whenever we are out of our spirit, there is a sense within us that is totally opposite of life, a sense of death. We simply sense dissatisfaction, emptiness, weakness, oldness, dryness, darkness, depression, strife, discord, discomfort, restlessness, pain, bondage and grief.

So, how do we know whether we are in the flesh or in the spirit? We know by realizing and knowing this sense of life within us by broadening and deepening our fellowship with the Lord.

The more we fellowship with the Lord and contact Him, His life will grow within us and the sense of life will also increase. The more His life increases, the Lord will start to touch every avenue of our thoughts, feelings and even to the extent of touching our motives, intentions and decisions. We may be in some crossroads of our lives where we have to decide what university to go to, what way to take after the training, or probably which job to take. It’s so easy for us to decide based on pros and cons, right or wrong or choose the better or lesser evil. Yet, while deciding or choosing the seemingly best choice, we might not have the sense of life and peace. But once we stop for a moment and take some time to contact the Lord and just open to Him in prayer, “Lord what is your perfect will for me?” Then as we are setting our mind on our spirit through our prayer and contact with the Lord, we will have an inner sense of either satisfaction or dissatisfaction when we are considering to go to a certain university, choose a particular job or go towards a specific direction. At that point, we realize what is of the flesh and what is of the spirit. Whenever we sense an inner sense of dissatisfaction, emptiness, weakness, oldness, and dryness, we should realize that we should not go that way. Rather, we should go in the pathway that imparts an inner sense of satisfaction, strengthening, refreshment, watering, enlightenment, anointing and flowing. [guest post, bro. Renesis]

This is our daily experience in our Christian lifelearning to follow the sense of life and peace within. We don’t do things or decide things based on what the pros and cons are, what the environment says, or what the advantages are. We fellowship with the Lord, enjoy Him, and then there is a sense within – peace… or dissatisfaction. This is the Lord Himself within us speaking to us in a very subjective way. This is the way to discern where are we, in the flesh or in the spirit – by following the inner sense of life within.

learning Christ in a subjective way, being taught in Him and learn from Him

Ephesians 4:20 says, “But you did not so learn Christ“. What does it mean “to learn Christ”? To learn Christ does not mean that because Christ loved people, we should also love people. This is merely imitation. To learn Christ does not mean that we imitate Him; it means that we, within whom Christ dwells, have Christ as our life in everything that we do.

Learning Christ is not objective. It is not simply taking the Christ who is outside of us and following His example. Rather, learning Christ is very subjective. It has everything to do with Christ being in us, dwelling in us, and being life to us. For us to learn Christ means that His mind becomes our mind, His love becomes our love, and His heart becomes our heart.

In the next verse (v 21) Paul says “If indeed you have heard Him and have been taught in Him as the reality is in Jesus“. Jesus lived a life in which He did everything in God, with God, and for God. God was in his living and he was one with God. This is what is meant by the reality is in Jesus. He lived a life with the highest standard of morality, a God expressing life, a life of a God-man.

We the believers, who are regenerated with Christ as our life are taught in Him and learn from Him. How do we learn from Him / learn Christ as the reality is in Jesus?

  1. Day by day, moment by moment, love the Lord. Simply love Him. He will constrain us.
  2. Fellowship with Him, that is: remain in contact with Him. Open your heart to Him about everything. Keep nothing from Him. He will shine on us, in us and through us.
  3. We should excercise our spirit by praying. The more we pray, the more we will excercise our spirit. In the physical realm, the parts of our body that we excercise the most become strong, and the parts we rarely use remain weak.

Matthew 11:29 says “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me”. The Lord said this in His earthly ministry. In His life on earth He set up a pattern, as revealed in the Gospels. Then He was crucified and resurrected to become the life-giving Spirit that He might enter into us to be our life. To learn Christ is simply to be moulded into the pattern of Christ, that is, to be conformed to the image of Christ (Rom 8:29).

Praise Him, everyday we can learn more. We cannot exhaust this learning until we become Him in life, nature, expression & function for the accomplishment of His eternal purpose.
P.S. Source (footnotes recovery version Eph 4:20, 21 & The believers experience of transformation, witness lee p40/41). [guest post, bro. Moh]