Learning how to Speak for the Lord and how to Stop to Listen to God’s Voice daily

As believers in Christ, we are the living creatures learning to coordinate and afford God a way to move on earth; in our coordination and living, we are learning both to speak one with God and to listen to God’s voice, stopping in our fellowship to hear the Lord’s speaking. The four living creatures in […]

Having a Clear Sky by having Thorough Fellowship with the Lord and with the Saints

This week in our morning watch / morning revival time with the Lord we come to the clear sky and the throne above it in Ezekiel 1, which is the highest point in our spiritual experience, referring to our uninterrupted fellowship with the Lord with a clear conscience. Are we satisfied with our spiritual condition? […]

The Recovery of the Priesthood for God to have the Freedom to Fulfill His Purpose

This week we are getting deeper into the matter of the recovery of the priesthood for God’s building, and specifically we want to see what is the desire of God’s heart, what is the Lord’s need in His recovery today, what is God’s goal and to what extent this goal has become our goal, and […]

Engaging in Spiritual Warfare by Being in Ascension and Proclaiming Christ’s Victory

In the spiritual reality behind the scenes of the human world and things there’s a spiritual warfare raging: Satan fights with all he has against God and His people. The fact is, however, that Satan has already been defeated by Christ on the cross, so now he fights to delay the fulfillment of God’s plan; […]

Entering into Full Fellowship with the Lord and with the Fellow Members of the Body

Jacob was selected and chosen by God even before he was born. However, throughout his life he schemed and struggled to obtain the birthright and the blessing, and he wanted to have his way with everyone – even though the blessing was his by God’s choice. He cheated on his brother Esau, tricked his father to give him […]

Enjoying and Experiencing God as Our Peace in the Church to Become the New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem is the city of peace, the city in which peace reigns. On the one hand this city is NEW – it has God wrought into it and it has God as its constitution – and on the other hand it is the city of peace, a city which is solidly grounded and […]

Being Thoroughly in the Divine Fellowship by Applying the Cross of Christ

It is so wonderful that the Lord has brought us into the fellowship of the divine life, where we can enjoy oneness with the Triune God, participating in all that He is and has accomplished. But we have to admit that there are still many problems in us, many obstacles to the fellowship of the […]