Being Filled and Saturated with Christ to Express Him and become God’s Dwelling Place

The Lord today desires to recover the universal priesthood of all the believers in Christ for God’s building. He wants that all believers would be restored to a normal situation according to the divine standard from a condition of failure, degradation, loss, and abnormality. We need to be open to the Lord in a fresh […]

Realizing what a Priest is According to God’s Eternal Plan as Revealed in the Bible

All believers in Christ are priests to God, and their full-time job is to serve God by spending time with God to be infused with Him and filled with Him until they flow Him out to others. God has chosen a people on earth – the church today – that would be a kingdom of […]

the recovery of living a life of the altar and the tent in the church life today

When God appears to us, when we see Him face to face, something of God is being transfused into us – His element is now transfused into our being. Once this transfusion takes place, there’s something going on in us – the element of God is being infused into every part of our being! Before God appeared to us, we did not have faith or we did not even think of God and His purpose; but when He appeared to us, we have His element transfused into us and infused into every part of our inner being… Slowly, this element saturates us so that we cannot help it but believe! This is faith: the element of God transfused into use, infused into us, and saturating us! [read more online]

the secret of the Christian life and the church life is living in the mingled spirit

What is the reality of the church life? The church life is composed of all the believers in Christ who live in their spirit. The reality of the church life is to live in the spirit. In the church life we learn to pay attention not to our mind or emotion but to our spirit. The Christian life, the family life, and the church life – are all a life in our spirit. The divine Spirit as the consummation of the processed Triune God is mingled with our spirit as the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, continually saturating us as we open to Him and allow Him to spread in us… [continue reading online]