The Lord needs the Truths of His Recovery to Spread to the Whole Earth for His Return

The Lord needs the truths of His recovery to spread to the whole earth for the restoration of all things and the Lord’s return. We need to be those who cooperate with the Lord to spread the divine truths and see a vision of the world’s ultimate situation, God’s ultimate move, and the Lord’s ultimate […]

Praying on Behalf of All Men to be Saved and Come to the Full Knowledge of the Truth

The first thing we should do is not assess the situation or find out the best solution but pray. Even before reading the Bible, before taking a shower in the morning, and before we go to work / school / do the daily chores, we need to pray. Don’t make any decisions without praying; rather, […]

we are commissioned to preach the high gospel, the entire truth revealed in the Word of God

No matter how modern, cool, or amazing things people have or invent – the advance of the technology and entertainment in the world today has not filled the emptiness within man; rather, it has enlarged it, since they try to be filled and happy with so many things when only One Thing satisfies – God Himself! Only the high truths in the Lord’s recovery can match the need of today’s hunger in the world – people are fed up with the low feel-good gospel in the Christianity.