God Desires that All His People be Nazarites Fully Separated and Sanctified unto God

A consecrated person is a Nazarite, one who voluntarily separates and sanctifies himself unto the Lord for His purpose. God has a provision for those who love Him and want to give themselves to Him for His purpose: even though you may not have been born of Aaron’s family in the tribe of Levi, you […]

Let the Lord Expose the Principle of Babylon to Judge and Trim Away any Leaven of Evil

Christ as the High Priest is walking among the churches and gets to know the specific condition and concrete situation of every local church (see Rev. 1-3). He then speaks to the churches a word that would both show who He is to the church, what the church’s need is, how to overcome, and what […]

Being the Nazarites of Today, the Voluntary Consecrated Ones to God in This Age

Daniel and his companions were absolutely consecrated to God even from their youth, and they separated themselves unto God from an age that followed Satan (see Dan. 1:4-8; 5:12, 22; 6:10). For this reason, God could use them as those who voluntarily consecrated themselves to Him for His move, for Him to turn the age […]

the world situation and God’s move: Lord, make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites! (2011 Poland camp)

I have been wanting to go this conference since I was 14(which was 6 years ago). It was a dream come true and I am so thankful that the Lord opened a way for me to go. I was also re-baptized! This year’s topic was the Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy portrayed in Exodus. The […]

we need to be dependent on the Lord, leaning on Him and consulting Him(2011 Poland camp)

“In Christ we and God, God and we, are built together, meet together, and dwell together. This is the central though of the book of Exodus.” (from the life-study of Exodus). In the young people’s Poland camp this year the messages were on Exodus and the four crucial aspects: salvation, provision, revelation, and building. The […]

being trained to be the 21st century Nazarites today(sharing from the University Training)

Praise the Lord for another year of the University Training in London. This year the brothers felt that it was altogether necessary to join the pre-training with the University Training, therefore, the University Training schedule for the first time was incorporated with the FTTL classes. This really gave the students a sweet foretaste of the […]

enjoying the Nazarite song – Lord, make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites!

So many people throughout the ages gave themselves to the Lord for His purpose – made themselves available for what He has on His heart…. History tells us the stories of the martyrs and the missionaries, and there are many more that don’t have their life recorded in any human book, but they are recorded […]