The Church is the Place of God’s Throne and the Place where He Dwells with His People

We need to see and realise that God desires to have a dwelling place on earth with man, and the goal of His salvation is the building of His dwelling place on earth; the church is the place of God’s throne and the place where He dwells with His people. In Ezekiel 43:1-7 we see […]

The Goal of God’s Eternal Purpose is to have a Corporate People as His Dwelling Place

It is quite amazing to be enlightened by the Lord and realize that the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation (including the book of Exodus, which we are studying now) speaks concerning God’s eternal purpose, and that the goal of God’s eternal purpose is to have a corporate people to be His dwelling place for […]

Being Overlaid with God as Gold to Practically Keep the Oneness of the Spirit

The Lord Jesus prayed for the oneness in John 17, and in Exodus 26 with the tabernacle we can see a picture, a type of this oneness, in the standing boards of the tabernacle which were overlaid with gold; we need to be overlaid with God as gold, for us to be one practically and […]

We need to be Built up to be God’s Dwelling Place to Serve Him as the Priesthood

In the building of God, the goal of God’s work and His heart’s desire, the living stones are the priests, and the building is the priesthood; for us to be the priesthood in reality, we need to be built up in God and with one another for God’s building. If we read the Old Testament […]

The Progressive Revelation of the Compound Spirit in the Bible and the Spirit of God

This week we are focusing on an unbelievably grand subject and reality in the Bible, the compound Spirit. The term “compound Spirit” cannot be found in the Bible, just as the “Triune God” is not mentioned literally, but the absolute undeniable fact is there. This Spirit is the Spirit of God – it is not […]

Christ is the Tested Foundation Stone and Precious Cornerstone for God’s Building

One of the most crucial matters among all the major items of the Lord’s recovery is Christ – the supreme preciousness of the all-inclusive Christ. God’s focus is on Christ; He doesn’t want us to pay attention to anything or anyone else but Christ, and to God and man Christ is everything. However, we as […]

The Church is Built with the Christ Experienced, Gained, and Enjoyed by God’s People

I am looking forward to the next Crystallization-Study of Exodus when we will dive deeper into the divine revelation concerning the tabernacle, the dwelling place of God among men, but in this morning revival we are only touching the surface and having a foretaste of this matter. What is in God’s heart, the reason for […]