The World Situation is for the Ultimate Move of God and for His Ultimate Recovery

Our God is moving – He has a particular move in every age, and today even if our gospel preaching is adequate, our Bible teaching is accurate, and our meetings are scriptural, we need to ask ourselves, Lord, do we have the ultimate move of God among us? We may preach the gospel – even […]

Being Aware of, Concerned, and Burdened for God’s Move in the Present World Situation

As believers in Christ who have been shown mercy by the Lord to see His move on earth, we need to be more aware of God’s sovereign arrangement of the world situation, more concerned about the crucial time in which we live, and more burdened for God’s move in the present world situation. All the […]

Seeing that We are Under the Discipline of the Holy Spirit for our Transformation

In our prayerful study of the book of Genesis we can see that in the life and experience of Jacob he had a lot of God’s dealings. Jacob was a supplanter, trying to get what he wants by tricking others into doing things they later regretted, but God was working behind the scenes by sovereignly […]